There are numerous problems associated with the traditional Email system today. These problems include failure to take into account the security of the correspondence and personal data of its participants, the use of traditional encryption algorithm like PGP which has advantages such as installation of additional software, open key which leads to compromise in exchange and complexity of data streaming of the package-oriented structure of PGP. Thanks to Safe.Ad! Safe.Ad is on ground with its new generation E-mail technology to counter all aforementioned challenges of traditional E-mail systems. Even though many other companies are working tirelessly to see how they can proffer solutions but their solutions have not addressed up to half of the problems, Safe.Ad team already has a fully operational service with thousands of users. Considering “their solution” section on the list of their tasks, they have already achieved most of them. Safe.Ad is decentralized mail service and cloud storage with end-to-end encryption with high tech for personal data protection and high email speed of distribution.

The team

The team members are Max, Anton and Mark. These people are not just coming out with non-executable prototypes. They are very much objective in t heir move to protect the privacy of E-mail users. They also offer communication platform that addresses the requirements and problems of the modern world. (Whitepaper on

Safe.Ad Solution

The next generation e-mail system that they are creating meets the following requirements:

  1. It is compatible with existing mail protocols (resolved);

  2. It does not have a single center for data storage and management (decentralization);

  3. Public keys and identification data of users are stored in blockchain and therefore cannot be masqueraded or compromised. Recipient identification is guaranteed, and public keys can’t be replaced by a third party (resolved);

  4. All data that is sent and stored is reliably encrypted, with no exception. That includes metadata, headers, and attached files (resolved);

  5. There is no message size limit (resolved);

  6. No additional software required, everything works in any browser, including those on mobile devices (resolved). Installing the application on your mobile device will improve the user experience, but is not necessary;

  7. The cryptographic architecture is optimized for data streaming and may be adapted to other types of applications, such as group calls, video-conferences, etc. (resolved);

  8. Public API providing access to user keys allows creating third-party applications based on the new architecture and integrating existing systems into the new platform;

  9. Our solution is several times less expensive than existing commercial applications (starting at $1 per month), including a long period of free use for new customers;

  10. Spam protection implemented at the system architecture level;

  11. Open source software, the code can be checked and modified by the community;

  12. The system offers essential performance equal to existing email platforms while providing dozens of revolutionary features.


The token used on this platform is called SAFE. The exchange rate is 1SAFE to 1USD. The discount of 25% of starting value will be provided at pre-sale stage to avoid a sharp in price of token, SAFE. The minimum subscription price of 1USD monthly, from which 0.5USD will be given to the service provider for the maintenance of platform while the other 0.5USD will be converted to token, SAFE at current stock exchange for the token holders to get the cash and percentage goes back to the service provider.


Amount of tokens issued: 40,000,000SAFE

Rate of Exchange: 1SAFE = $1

No Limit to their fundraising

The Safe.Ad team does not see any point in setting a strict limit on raising funds, because if those willing to invest in their project bring them $10,000,000, they ’ll spend more than

$5,000.000 on product advertising and attract 500,000 paying customers who will let us buy back 1,000,000–3,000,000 SAFE tokens in thirteen months. I.e. the funds raised at the ICO will be directly proportional to the number of attracted customers, and the value growth rate will remain unchanged regardless of the amount of investments.

Cryptographic method employed by Safe.Ad team is unbeatable!

The most widespread, reliable, trusted, studied and verified by top professional cryptographic methods are symmetric AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) and asymmetric RSA (Rivest-Shamir-Adleman). And that is the method they use to compete with others out there. The cryptographic security of the entire system is a priority for them. That’s why they always use the keys of maximum size, i.e. AES 256 bit and RSA 4096 bit.


They are creating a distribute registry storage for the public asymmetric keys of their users. The keys are created when a new participant registers in the system or changes their password. This is done to reduce the high cost of storing currencies on Ethereum Blockchain and by so doing save the participants’money. The distributed storage of files, and later of all metadata, will also be offered to all users immediately and for free. Users will be granted a 3-month trial period to try out the service. When trial period expires, their accounts will go into limited functionality mode. They don’t see any reason to inflate their customer base using inactive and unused accounts; they prefer to set extremely low price of $1 per month for 1 GB of available disk space and concentrate on creating real and active customer base.

Who can compete favourably with Safe.Ad?

None of the companies parading themselves to have produced new E-mail system has operational E-mail software! It has a technology product that is quite different from E-mail technologies such as PROTON MAIL, LEMON MAIL, TUTANOTA, etc.

With all these, one will be to which E-mail crypto block chain to invest in. All you need as investors are imbedded in Safe.Ad platform. Invest now and enjoy tomorrow!


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