What’s up everybody WAJAHAT is here with another exciting blog on Safe.ad. Technological advancement increases day by day, if you see the difference between the current and the very first version of the technology or any application, you can’t recognise if they are same. Evolution is a part of life whether its climate, human being or machines. Everything will have to be evolved with the time to survive. If one fails to do so, he will be missed out from the survival competition. Same is the case with the technology, you must be updated your invention or application with the time to keep pace with the change, so that it will be in demand otherwise not. If we take a look, one must see the difference between very first version and the modern version of internet browser, social media applications, and other technological based inventions. The earlier versions have the problems related to speed, security, and privacy which now mostly are resolved and target areas for developers and companies.

Email is the very first platform which is used to deliver the messages through the use of internet and the platform of connecting people. Files, data can be delivered through this platform. The only internet service which is not much updated since it was created. This service is used for the official purpose, people emailed their files, data which are obviously sometimes very important that the leakage of information may be problematic for someone. The email service had a centralized platform which allows the administered authority to read your messages. So your files and emails are not encrypted. Also, there is limited size of files that you could attached. All these problems are not compatible with the modern existing services. These problems must be resolved.
Safe AD creating the next generation email system in which all of these problems are addressed. It makes the email platform decentralized means there is no single place for the data storage and all the messages and the sent files must be encrypted. It also resolved the limitation of file size. They used the blockchain technology which is safe and secure and a decentralized platform. By using blockchain technology, Safe AD develop a cryptographic architecture which is not only meant for email service but also used for data streaming. Now the email is not only the messenger, but can be used for voice calls and video conferences. It will provide the security which is the most demanding feature of existing platforms.
Many platforms uses the cryptocurrency for the payment because it is more secure and enable safe transactions which lessen the chance of stealing and fraud. Safe AD also use the token called SAFE which is required for the use of their service. As a new platform, it provides its customer not only the reliable service for use but also gives them discount on purchasing the token. The demand will reflects the number of token that will be determined. It will also determine their success rate and the reliability and the customer satisfaction. The increase number of users leads to the decrease number of token that ensure the constant growth.
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