Votem platform was founded in 2014, operates based on blockchain savvy technology enables entrepreneur and traditional election systems manufacturers to properly run elections. Votem aim to change the way we vote and also believes that mobile voting will create positive change in the world by bringing modern voting to the world. Team Votem hope to create a remote electronic voting system, engineered from the ground up, to exceed the safeguards and verifiability of in-person, paper-based elections. Votem platform encourages online voting adoption to prevent hacking and privacy concerns.

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The VAST Token is an EIP-20 compliant digital token issued by Votem Corp. and named after the four critical elements of a voting system (Verifiability, Accessibility, Security,Transparency).VAST Token ensures citizens around the world to easily vote online with high level of verifiability, accessibility, security, and transparency.

VAST token will empower residents around the globe to effectively vote online with remarkable certainty, openness, security, and straightforwardness. There are four critical elements of a voting system, electronic or otherwise, that must be in place in order to ensure a fair and free election that engenders trust in voters

• Verifiability

• Accessibility

• Security

• Transparency

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The VAST Token will give secure and part based access to the accompanying standard highlights on the VAST Platform:

• Contest (Election) Creation and Set-Up

• Voter Registration

• Simple Ballot Creation and Marking

• Ballot Submission/Validation/Storage

• Tallying and Results Reporting (with Audit Capabilities)


  1. Contest creation and Voter registration are utilized through the VAST Token.

  2. Ballot Marking and Ballot Storage

  3. Tabulate the action, reporting and auditing of the votes

  4. Voter verification

  5. Voter anonymity

  6. Ballot Encryption

  7. Ballot Styling and Ballot Decryption

  8. Transparent voting through CastIron mobile platform which is 100% verifiable, fault tolerant, unalterable and auditable

  9. The proof of Vote (PoV) enables VAST to create trust among people and candidates.

  10. Blockchain technology enables VAST Token to be used by voters and candidates.

The Platform executes the Proof of Vote Protocol utilising:

• private/open dispersed record system

• voter anonymisIT innovative outlines

• mobile versatile innovation.

● “Proof of Vote” Protocol

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Voter Authentication

Voters are verified against the decision’s legitimate necessities with a specific end goal to take an interest.

Ballot Styling

The right tally is conveyed to the voter in view of the a huge number of potential blends of national, state, local, area, province, and city challenges.

Ballot Encryption

The tally is encoded before accommodation, counteracting parties from getting to and seeing a voter’s decisions without approval.

Outside Vote Validation

Outside validators, similar to perception associations and review firms, may ensure the legitimacy of the polls (i.e. originate from legitimate voter, area, and so forth.) before they are put away on the blockchain.

Voter Verification

The voter coordinates a protected QR-code receipt of their vote to the QR-code portrayal of the recorded tally, confirming their vote was recorded as thrown.

Voter Anonymity

Make Choice Records are blended to guarantee that it is difficult to follow a voter’s determinations back to the individual voter.

Ballout Decryption

Votes must be decoded by a preset number of EMB individuals to keep untrustworthy individuals from decoding tallies. Once the votes have been legitimately decoded, a scientific evidence of unscrambling is offered to inspectors and voters


• Token: Votem

• Abreviation: VAST

• Platform: Ethereum

• Accepting: ETH

• Total supply: 300m VAST

• 1 Vast = $ 0.5


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