Exchange Union Coin [XUC] is a universal coin that allows interbank trading, clearing, deposits and withdrawal of funds
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Aim of the project :
The bridge of digital currency exchanges around the world and carry out an inter-bank trade, interbank clearing deal, deposits and withdrawals between various digital currencies and assets. Improving trade efficiency and exchange efficiency and implementing market distribution of liquidity and favourable prices for digital currencies
. First, combine exchanges in terms of trade, deposits, withdrawals and clearing through agreements between digital exchange exchanges and offer discounts on trading fees; Provide transactions for lending and margin trading. Shortly thereafter,
Build the Exchange Union Chain chain and realize the complete relationship between the digital currency exchanges using blockchain technology.
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To bridge digital currency exchange around the world and realize cross-exchange trades of investors, exchange exchange clearances, deposits and withdrawals between various currencies and digital assets.
Improve trade efficiency and exchange performance and realize the market-oriented distribution of digital currency liquidity and best price quotes.
First, the exchange of bridges in terms of trade, deposits,
Withdrawal and clearing by agreement between digital currency exchange and offering discounts on transaction fees; Provide credit transactions and margin trading. Immediately after that, build the Exchange Union Chain and realize the full interconnection between digital currency exchange through blockchain techniques. Meanwhile,
We will retain the ecosystem and the Exchange Exchange Chain brand. As a mandatory, we will help manage Exchange Union Chain Assets and teams for XUC holders.

The liquidity premium XUC, high trading liquidity in the secondary market increases the value of the token. The premium for the universality of XUC, XUC can be accepted by most exchanges and used as an intermediary intermediary.
Relatively large discounts from trade fees in exchanges. Increase in value due to transactions in lending and margin trading.

Road map
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XUC Token:

XUC is an ERC 20 token based on Ethereal.
Supply XUC: 3,000,000,000
Crowdsale Plan:

Currency received: BTC and ETH.
Price XUC: 1 BTC = 4,600 XUC. 1ETH = 380 XUC (Price is indicative and will remain in crowdsale).
XUC Token Sales Target:

Minimum Target: 100,000,000 XUC
Maximum Target: 600,000,000 XUC
Bonus Details:
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0% 0-99,999 XUC
5% 100,000 - 999,999 XUC
10% 1,000,000 - 1,999,999 XUC
15% 2.000.000 - 9.999.999 XUC
20% 10,000,000+ XUC

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