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It is only natural that companies and establishments continue in constant competition to stay relevant and remain in business. Also according to nature, with competition comes adaptational skills; adaptational skills poses in different forms in conformation with the type of competition the entity is faced with. For companies, the adaptational skill to outpacing competition from other companies is simply earning the love and loyalty of customers else they be tossed out of business.
According to the White house office of consumer affairs, it was established that “on average, loyal customers are worth up to 10 times as much as their first purchase”. Furthermore, studies has also shown that “it costs about six to seven times more to acquire a new customer than keeping an old one” This overly entrenches the fact that customer loyalty or having a tribe of loyal customers is the new marketing. There is no limit to how well loyal customers can help promote the growth of a company.
The major reasons for outlining the aforementioned facts is to lay emphasis on the indispensability of customer trust and as we rightly know I write without hunches but facts. Having fully harnessed these facts MOBILE BRIDGE MOMENTUM platform has secured us a way which is blockchain technology backed to ensure earning the loyalty of their customers can be efficiently achieved.
With mobile bridge momentum, companies can use the momentum tokens or create their own token on the platform to incentivize their customers for:
• Purchasing the product
• Referring and sharing info about the product to other people
• Reviewing the product
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Understanding the benefits of consumer marketing is very pivotal to picturing the mobile bridge sight of view. With the advent and major adoption of mobile commerce, a mobile phone is the most sought out point for a consumer to fetch products specs and the product itself. Invariably, with a mobile phone the customer is empowered with a major tool endowed with marketing capabilities and prowess making the whole marketing scenario seemingly easy but optimal. As earlier stated, transparent rewarding system is rest assured with security on customer details and payment details which is covered by the blockchain technology.
It is even more exciting to find out that mobile bridge has developed a top notch mobile marketing platform which has been tested by various reputable organizations amongst which are; Volkswagen, Burger king and many others. These organizations recorded the major increase in their revenue and customer community thereafter.
In essence, Mobile bridge momentum will work based on customer data to provide such customers with engaging experience to make them know their attention is cherished and ensure their loyalty is earned. Algorithm and work flows would be connected to the momentum integrating center(Data Management Platform) to trigger customer driven actions
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The mobile bridge momentum token is an ERC 20 based token and of course built on the Ethereum blockchain which would be used for rewarding purposes on the platform and is easily convertible to other cryptocurrencies.
Crowdsale details
Token sale opening date: 26. Mar 2018
Token sale closing date: 20. Apr 2018
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