Everyone likes to travel during his vacations as the blend of vacations and travelling makes the individuals ready to get back to their respective work places with complete freshness and revives the workers to perform again at their best. For vacations, every individual has different choices as some like to visit beaches or hilly stations or may be someone wants to see the religious or historical places but to reach there, taxies need to be hired to travel locally in respective country. Online taxi facilities are available and have attracted a lot of passengers towards them due to their fast, reliable and comfortable services but the issue here is that they are not online. Let us take an example of Indonesia where one needs to travel by taxi to visit the Jakarta (the Capital of Indonesia) where UBER, GRAB and GOCAR taxi services are available as online taxi services but in fact, they are not as they only have rented out their online applications and as per Indonesian Transportation laws, rules and regulations, these online taxi services cannot hire even their own drivers or buy cars to expand the outreach of their business and professional services in other parts of the country. Moreover, these companies are not even allowed to set prices criteria on their own and they are totally dependent on the Indonesian transportation authorities to deal with such types of matters. So, there was a need of some alternate solution that can facilitate these online taxi services and here, we are proudly presenting the Fransindo Rent platform that is going to serve as the partner company to meet the needs of the hour. Our platform will come into play to provide quality cars and recruit skilled and professional drivers to these taxi services so that they can enhance the quality of their services and can uplift their reputation, not only locally but make their recognition in international travelling market, too (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jWnP6nWK7omHNZZp4iUrhSAJu3BifGwt/view).

The Fransindo Rent will also provide equal opportunities to the local and international individuals to participate in the system with renting their cars and even professional driving skills to generate revenues for themselves. All the payments and transactions under the umbrella of Fransindo Rent will be processed in the form of Fras Coin as we aim to provide quality rented taxi services to diverse community not only within Indonesia but also the regional cities. Fras Coin has been designed and built on blockchain technology with complete back up by a couple of international companies and foundations as we want to bring motivational drivers into these diverse regional areas for the best quality services. We are quite hopeful about the success of our unconventional system due to its innovative and unparalleled features and attributes.

NOTE: The public sale (ICO:Initial Coin Offering) for Fras Coins will be live from 15th February 2018 and is scheduled to be ending on 15th April 2018. For more details and information in this regard, please visit us at our official website link at https://www.frasindo.com/.

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