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Bowhead Health is based on personalized health, based also on the diagnosis that users can make from home, if there are shortcomings in these analyzes, the patient can request the vitamins of the company or the medications that need. Obtained from the data that the patient sends to the network of banners, medical companies can acquire information that is very useful to them.

Intelligent and connected devices are a huge market niche where the company wants to penetrate its devices and application for motorization and diagnostics of these data.
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The implementation of comparable data occurs on Blockchain, this is the aforementioned replacement generation drug, wherever information is firmly preserved, and it is impossible to break, delete or lose, and not your information. All data about your health in most medical institutions from birth are registered on paper cards or on portable carriers, wherever they are stored, and not accurately and can be lost, which is associated with any negligent practice or despite a PC system (virus). In addition, this method of data storage is not currently mobile. At Blockchain in this Balaan mysticetus Health and the project your data can accumulate, and only you, your doctor and other people near you will have access to them, and you will not be ready to destroy or somehow lose this data, not yours intervention.

Having a lot of records about the health of every person who does not suffer from medical research, the related fields necessary for storing this data, and using Blockchain technology, this deficiency is well resolved, and there are no specific prerequisites for storing this kind of knowledge array. In addition, each patient has the right to regulate these data about his health, as well as change it to the smallest detail. And your doctor immediately tracks the changes in your health and contacts you for recommendation. The Blockchain system is suitable for this kind of interaction between the patient and the doctor, with its quality and rapid process and knowledge transfer.

With the help of Blockchain it is achievable to easily and quickly exchange between completely different medical institutions, as well as drug suppliers, despite the placement of users. Blockchain allows you to be terribly mobile, for example, if you have health problems along the way, you can contact any nearby clinic connected to the network and consult with your doctor. The World Health Organization can see the full image along with your health. Blockchain allows you to form an integrated approach to your health, with in-depth study anywhere in the world where there is a network. This can be a truly vital task once the doctor has accepted the correct designation, the treatment or intervention presented.

As you can see, Blockchain technology will become simply universal in the field of medicine. I believe that we will see that during this field there will be a lot of speculation in the market that Blockchain is in the near future.

As a conclusion, we will say that the work of Balaena mysticetus Health and Patientory is based on the assumption that Blockchain reveals terribly exciting and promising perspectives in the field of treatment. Of course, the event of those who come can show time. Each project has its own roadmap written for many years to come, and that we are ready to monitor their implementation and promotion in the market of medical services in the near future.

The project ICO Balaena mysticetus Health begins July 17, 2017, where you can invest in this project by buying your tokens. The initial value is zero. 50 USD. By the way, you can get to Presale and get tokens with bonus discounts.

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Bowhead can be a tool that allows you to monitor the status of an individual reception as soon as you gain access to the network. He can even advise doctors about this patient's state of health that the attending physician can constantly have the opportunity to possess modern knowledge and on this basis to offer any recommendations.

The compatibility of medical knowledge between completely different institutions works according to the following algorithm: push, pull and study. Blockchain technology, in turn, offers a fourth element: secure storage of the patient's medical record and direct access to the current data.
Advantages of Bowhead:

A roadmap for tracking the condition of your body and seeking professional medical advice; Anonymous patient data;

Complete monitoring of data on the state of health;

Personalization of drugs and nutrients, supported the individual needs of each user;

Diagnosis and dosage in real time;

Mobile app.

ICO Details:

According to the law, voters of the North American nation and, consequently, the US can not participate in the crudseil.

All holders of tokens are going to become part of the investment firm "Bainen Whale Tokens Pte". Ltd., which is based in Singapore. Tokens will be created on the waves.

The beginning of the crowdsale is regular for the Gregorian calendar month of seventeen, and it will last two weeks.

Total stock of tokens: one hundred million

Available in Crawdesdale: forty million

Early investors will receive generous bonuses!

Those users who prefer to provide knowledge from medical documentation to medical organizations and think tanks can receive dividends in the amount of seventy, the remaining half an hour will be distributed among all the holders of the medals. Distribution can occur quarterly.

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