LELE is Lite Eco Ledger Elements. Our project are make more trade tools and develop improves features for Telegram user with LELE blockchain. LELE is an altcoin such as litecoin, peercoin, and many others.
In the world where Bitcoin is king, altcoins only change parameters of the original Bitcoin code such as the hashing mechanism, the time between blocks, the starting difficulty, and so on. We developed our’s based on NXT source code. LELE develop anything as simple as can be even it’s not a simple coin.
This scalable cryptocurrency offering a eco-friendly mining called forging. We will continue to developed features are outside the scope of regular altcoins.
Why LELE ?

Lelecoin created by using combination of SHA256 and Curve 22519 which created with own blockchain. Lelecoin created with POS system, really sure that the coin will develop quickly with the help of facility of ARDOR platform.
• Built On Ardor
LELE develop anything as simple as can be even it’s not a simple coin. This scalable cryptocurrency offering a eco-friendly mining called forging.
• LELE is Combo
Proof-of-Stake and Transparent Forging form are a powerful combination with substantial benefits over all other methods of coin verifying transactions.
• Green Concept
LELE is "green" it's protocol in power consumption, since 100% PoS mechanisms don’t require massive amounts of electricity power like POW mechanisms do.
• 51% Attack Proof & Security
LELE utilizes a 100% proof of stake (PoS) mechanism effectively removes a security risk inherent in POW coins, as the issue of a 51% attack.
• Forging (Solo Forging)
It is elegantly simple, block generations with their transaction fees are competed for proportionally to all active forging wallets based on the amount of LELE a wallet has. So if a wallet has 1 million LELE, then they have 1/1000 of a chance of forging any block and receiving any transaction fees in that block. The math here is 1 million (amount the client has) divided by 1 billion (total LELE in existence) is 1000, so that is 1/1000 of a chance. An even added bonus is that it is your LELE balance that forges for you, not ASICs that requires lots of power, maintenance, and that depreciates in value and processing power. Instead of buying equipment to mine with, you just buy LELE to forge for more LELE
• Pool Forging LELE implements a pool forging feature. Whenever u not have enough amount of LELE to do solo forging, or have not any device to do this, u still could join at pool forging as like as POW pool mining, just swap your Lelecoins to FORGE Token as an option.

Coin Name : LeLeCoin
Coin Symbol : LELE
Total Supply : 1,000,000,000 (1 billion)
Coin Base : Ardor (ARDR)
Block of snapshot Announcement : 26 th 2018
Airdrop Date : February 28th 2018
Airdrop Distribution : March 1st-10th 2018(max)
Airdrop Target : IGNIS Holders
Airdrop Rate : 10 IGNIS – 1 LELE
Total Airdrop : 99,944,969.4 LELE

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