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I know most of you have not heard of GLOBCOIN....Globcoin is pretty much the world’s most comprehensive multi-currency E-wallet. Think of it as your own private financial assistant, bank and foreign exchange agent all in one. You can store your money in your Globcoin account like you would in any other bank account, E-wallet, travel card, etc, transfer it into a range of different currencies, pay people, receive money, withdraw cash and buy things online. The beauty of this particular app is its ability to cater to pretty much everything you could need, all within a traveller budget.

If you want to save money, time, energy and wallet space, then you need Globcoin. Simple. It’s biggest pro is in how lazy you can be once you’ve got it – no more queueing at local banks to get your cash changed, no more finding the best atm with the lowest withdrawal fee, no more lengthy research on the best place to store your money as an expat in your given location, etc.

You just get out your laptop and browse your account, or flick out your MasterCard and make a purchase. Easy. But there are some other pros too, and quite a few cons. As with any app on the market, Globcoin still has plenty of opportunities to improve.


It’s online: you could literally stay inside your hotel room, never even open a window, and still make all the transactions you’d usually make in a day but from the safety of your fluffy bed – everything at Globcoin is done online. Though i wouldn’t necessarily recommend this since the whole idea of travel is to get out and explore, the general concept still stands – this app makes banking and finance very, very convenient.

Foreign Exchange is Cheap and Easy: at Globcoin you can store your money in up to 6 currency wallets – Euro, US Dollar, GBP, Swiss Franc, Canadian Dollar and Polish Zloty (with more to come) – and you can spend it in over 90 currencies, and converting your money between all of these currencies is super-cheap. Globcoin does not charge a service fee so your rates reflect the best live exchange rates with no extra cost attached, which will easily beat any local cash exchange service ten to one!

You can get paid! Globcoin has an IBAN, allowing your employer to pay you straight into your Globcoin wallet rather than going through a bank account. No matter where you are in the world.

It’s so cheap: one of the best bits about Globcoin is how transparent they are with their rates and fees – pretty much everything is stamped with a nice, big FREE sign and handed to you on a plate. It is completely free to open a Globcoin account and register your new MasterCard. You can load your Globcoin account for free by bank transfer, debit card or credit card, and can withdraw cash for free at any MasterCard ATM worldwide. All Globcoin customers get a free bank card and card delivery, and you have the option of ordering a backup card just in case. Which, as every seasoned traveller will agree, is very useful!

It is secure: gone are your days of cash-filled wallets and 8 or 9 credit cards for various accounts and currencies. Your Globcoin card is your new metaphorical magic wand – it does everything! You don’t need more than one card anymore because all of your currencies can fit in the one place, and since it is free to withdraw cash there is little need to be carrying around huge wads of it as you travel – just take a little bit out as you need it.

You can be flexible: time is money, and it can take so much of both resources to manage your money as an expat or traveller in a foreign country. But with such a user-friendly interface, Globcoin is easy to manage, saving you a lot of time and energy. You can access your money online 24/7 from your laptop or phone, from anywhere in the world.


To continue its development, a token sale is being held by Globcoin with the GCP Utility Token to fund the improvement of the current structure of the platform, its PR and marketing, customer acquisitions, and partnership programs. It will also finance two years of future operations such as administration and legal costs.
Globcoin will be providing a stable infrastructure on which its community may engage in safe, cost-effective, and liquid transactions both with digital and fiat currencies.


Token name: GCP;

GCP per 1 Ether: 100;

Minimum Ether to be collected (if not reached, participants can claim a refund): 5,000;

Maximum Ether (will end token sales when reached): 150,000;

Maximum Ether (the pre-sale ends if this cap is reached): 30,000;

Maximum number of tokens generated to crowdsale participants: 15 850 000 to 37.8%;

Maximum number of tokens generated to participants of the pre-sale: 5 100 000 to 12.2%;

Maximum number of tokens generated for future development and market expansion: 12 570 000 to 30%;

Maximum number of tokens generated to the team, early backers, and adviser: 8 380 000 to 20%;

Maximum number of GCP to be generated: 41 900 000 to 100%

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