The healthcare industry is growing very rapidly around the world due to an aging population. Demand for the management of global medical data has very high values because knowledge is the greatest power:

Current problems in healthcare are

The way of management of traditional medical data is outdated in a diversified health care environment. Data storage and data sharing becomes difficult.
There is no standard format for medical data storage. In most cases, patients need to collect and provide their own medical records to different institutions.
Patient's privacy protection is highly dependent on the institution itself.
Due to such diversified deficiencies, fragmented and possibly invalid, it is difficult to ensure the accuracy and efficiency of the analysis based on that data.
The allocation of quality medical resources is not balanced, due to lack of knowledge in certain medical care areas. The discrepancy of medical resources impedes the quality and efficiency of health care.
So XMED will create a solution to this problem. XMED Chain (XMC) is that the world initial application system that utilizes the blockchain technology, computer science (AI) and massive knowledge analytical power. Users or patients will transfer and manage their personal medical records through XMC, which might enable them to possess possession of their own personal knowledge that can't be emended by different parties while not the owner’s authorization. XMC utilizes the characteristics of blockchain, like decentralised accord, “trustless”, and immutable , to cipher and store personal medical knowledge. XMC additionally utilizes AI and massive knowledge to research and supply personalized info of the world medical services that meets the necessity of the users, which is able to offer a secure and economical knowledge management platform for individual and institutional users. XMC are going to be a vital milestone within the integration of a borderless health care system to attain medical

Encrypted data can also be reliably distributed between institutions. XMC aims to facilitate the standardization of medical data processing and implement a system in which information can be transparently transferred in a secure manner, After obtaining user authorization, institutional users can share data instantaneously within and between institutions through XMC’s API, enabling seamless transfer and shortening the trading cycle between medical institutions and upstream suppliers and insurance companies. Through intellectual analysis and evaluation, accurate consultation results can be generated for individual or institutional users with higher efficiency and quality.

XMC ecosystem is held together by its incentivizing token, the XMC Token. This token rewards every individual and institution that shares its medical data to the ecosystem and ensures that verification activity is adequately compensated. The token also powers economic activity on the platform as it can be used to pay for user’s data, finally giving intrinsic value for medical information.

Advantage of using XMC

1)XMC is the first blockchain project to integrate and global

medical service through applying blockchain, AI and big data technologies. The decentralized feature of the blockchain technology allows the instantaneous distribution of information.

2)Safe and reliable medical data circulation

The encrypted nature of the blockchain technology ensure the safe circulation of medical data. Patients can provide encrypted medical records to institutions and authorize data circulation among agencies with confidence.

3)Efficient data sharing among users

After obtaining user authorization, institutional users can share data efficiently and instantly within and between institutions.This feature will solve the cumbersome data transfers in the past, enabling seamless transfer between institutions.

4)Utilization of global medical services

Individual users can obtain global information on medical services from XMC’s analysis. Medical big data can solve the problem of information. provide patients with transparent medical information, including medical service information, treatment programs, relevant information helping patients to select the best medical program.

5)Build a health chain that everyone benefits from

XMC is an application with a wide range of users. Every individual or institutional user that provides and shares medical data can receive incentivized Token as a reward.

Token sale-

Participation in the Token sale may have tax reporting implications and liabilities for purchasers from certain jurisdictions. Such liabilities shall be borne by the purchasers alone and all purchasers are advised to consult their tax advisors prior to participating in the Token sale.

•Hard Cap: USD 22M

•Public Pre-sale

• $4M, 15% Bonus

• 50% Principle lockup for 3 months

• Bonus Lockup for 3 months

• Individual 15ETH — 50ETH


• Individual maximum $ 10K

• The XMC Token sale will have a hard cap of USD 22M

• Based on the ETH smart contract

• The exchange rate between XMC Token and ETH based on the


Medical big data has the potential to solve a lot of problems plaguing the health sector. XMC platform development is set to not only unleash this potential, but also shape the medical service delivery system of the future.

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