The internet is currently full of various problems that annoy us all now: fake news, fake views, bait clicks, ad space inflation, ad cheats, and arbitrary demonization content. As a result of this problem, we all lose in the current paradigm.Most importantly, this is a common user, who - while contributing the most to the current social media ecosystem - ironically does not get the least bit. Currently, the user is used but he is not compensated. Actually, users are not at all in monetary equations. Popular content creators are also very short of compensation, relatively speaking. Advertisers also suffer from being forced into a watering hole covered by mega platform owners who deliberately ignore rampant advertising fraud or cannot control it.Introducing Tipper project the next paradigm of social media.
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Tipper is a blockchain and social media company which has decided to create a platform in which the users would be able to monetize the content that they create and be paid when many people like their posts. If you produce any kind of content and you wish to show it to the world, but you are not sure that people would pay for it, this platform can be the right idea for you to earn from those contents. In other words, It is the first decentralized social media platform established with two-way monetization.

The ultimate goal is to capitalize on the enormous amount of human energy, the time and resources to create an economic ecosystem in which everyone has the opportunity of monetization in every level in one place.This enormous energy into social media, needs to be transformed into an economy of Opportunity, especially as we move further into the era of automation.
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Tipper introduces the world to the epoch-making feature of Content InvestingTM.Tipper will be the world's first Content Marketplace, where all users will be able to invest and earn from each other's content. A revolutionary two-way monetization opportunity like no other.
Content Creator
On Tipper doesn't need to build up a large audience to make revenue, sold shares of her channel too early supporters, and got the funds she needed for greater success.
Content Investor
Investors look at the content program then he is interested and developing by way of conveying to others will get 5% from what the creator gets
Tip the moment
The world we live in is full of moments of emotional and memorable moments that we share and celebrate together.The goal of the winner of the game, the historical performance, with Tipper, a binding moment of millions will yield millions.
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The creator now enables the creators of those moments and those who celebrate them to make money together, so that users can emphasize these moments.These moments will be used to raise funds to buy income-generating assets for people.The calculated calculations will return to Tipper Social EconomyTM for peer circulation, the enormous funding era that people serve.

The pre-sale has finished and the main sale is on from February 21 until March 31, 2018.The total supply of tokens are 700 million tokens, but only 30% of them will be sold, the rest will stay with the founders (10%) and it will be mineable (60%). The price per token is $0.20 USD per token during the pre-sale and $0.25 USD per token during the main sale.
Pre-sale: 20 Million TIPR
1 TIPR = 0.20 USD
Main Sale: 180 Million TIPR
1 TIPR = 0.25 USD
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Token Name: Tipper
Symbol: TIPR
Total Supply: 700 Million TIPR
For Sale: 200 Million TIPR
Hard Cap: 50 Million USD
Soft Cap: 15 Million USD
1 ETH = 4,000 TIPRICO

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