In the modern technology, many technology that arise and develop and the technology is very helpfull in people life. One of them is White Rabbit. This platform use theme that is quite unique from other blockchain platform, this platform have a balance and an invesment that has a bigger profit value whith less needed capital in modern digital asset trading. The name of this paltform is White Rabbit. White Rabbit is a browser plugin that aims to resolve the falling bussines model of digital distribution of film and cinema.

Many problem and complain from customer about content is expensive, users have less choice, revenue is neither transparent nor cash-flow positive and many more. White Rabbit present with offers a p2p tokenized system powered by blockchain technology that will enable users to access any content globally, reduce cost by paying producers and creatives directly, revenue share with streaming site to encourage an innovative streaming market and offer a transparent and instant monitazion model for producers, investors, the artists and the entertainers. From eases and advantage provide by White Rabbit will change the world cinema market and users can easy to watch all films and cinemas they wont with secure, fast, reliable and not expensive, producent film also can get adventage and also for investor this a platform with very good future prospect. With the vision and mission of the concept mutual benefit between the project owner and teh token owner. With so many market in the world of cryptocurrency this years allowing competitors from many companies that trade or trade should have more unique features and creativity, this cloud be one of the success point taht the crypto tradde comunity can achieve. And White Rabbit is one of that platform with very impresive inovation.

This company has a trade that is quite special in every exchange. Giving convenince to potencial investors is one of the things might be comonplace among the worlrd cryptocurrency, but give clear and detail also efficiently representing a roadmap that identifies if the company is really give attention to future prospective investor. If you are looking for a market as a coin trade place, this a solution you take as one of the main choices of the crypto trading market based on blockchain platform. Come with the new technology of the blockchain platform White Rabbit is one of the market of coin trading and crypto exchange throught the market democrasy system, which has big adventage to the earning of shareholders. Where White Rabbit here has an adventage that can be spellet out better than other market as a place to trade crypto.

White Rabbit has start token sales, so user and investor can invest in White Rabbit with detail as follow:
Presale: 27th November 2017
Token sale: 1st quarter 2018 - 30 days sale
Soft cap: 5.000 ETH
Medium target: 12.500 ETH
Hard Cap: 25.000 ETH
So for users, film producent and investor join and invest in White Rabbit, the best revolution of trade market in safe and tranparent. For detail information visit link on bellow:


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