Which statement sounds truer? My friend recommended me to buy this piece of furniture from this store or the shop owner coerced me to buy this furniture. Buying something on word of mouth is as old as shopping, as people have firm faith in the people who have used the product. Marketing and advertising companies of today have understood the concept of it, as they spend billions of dollars in promoting their products through various channels.

The organic way of purchasing a product has its element in the referral kind of shopping, where people being referred as well as people referring are awarded. The market is huge for the companies and businesses. So, what do you think should be the solution for tapping the opportunity? Is there a perfect way to proceed in the right direction, which leads to the equal growth for each stakeholder?

Solution Offered

PLENTIX is offering to build a platform for revolutionising referral market and currently, the referral market is estimated to be worth of 11 billion dollars. The application is based on the blockchain technology which will bring consensus on the platform form each stakeholder, and secure transactions on the platform. Smart contract automation will help reduce the cost and increase the scaling capabilities.

Removal of the centralizing authority provides power to each participant of the platform. Businesses and developers can create modules on the platform which will allow them to manage and track their referral progress in the most efficient way possible. Friends referring friends (frf) and micromarketing are the core value of the platform which helps in the healthy relationship development among the users of the product and services.
A truthful and helpful recommendation to the friends and people about the products and services is the main aim of the platform. PTN Tokens are created for the payment and value exchange services on the platform. Developers and marketers can collaborate on the platform to create a specific decentralised application for specific purposes.


60% of the total tokens are reserved for the ICO. One ETH is equal to the 10,000 PTNs. The Token Pre-sale is currently live on the platform. 30% of the funds collected will be utilised for the product development and maintenance while 25% of the funds will be utilised for the business development and growth.

The team believes in the development of stable, scalable and reliable platform which can bring transparency to the referral market.


People believe in the known path rather than unknown especially when a significant amount of money is involved. This works in our everyday decisions whenever we have to decide to buy something. We tend to believe in the people who are original users of the product rather than people who are paid for their lies. This may sound loud but is actually true.

Social media websites have become the next favourite destination for people who see recommendations from their friends and family. Most of the people are influenced by the people who have prior experience. The influencer marketing is trending marketing strategy of the modern world. Word of mouth not only sells but it develops a close relationship and trust among people who are part of the vast network. So, what do you think about the future of the platform?

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