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Fiancia is a UK based company and is in the field of cryptographic services, encryption services with the name Fiancia Ltd competitive. Fiancia offers 25% of total funds to community sales and offers many areas such as business development, management, use and allocation of resources at the right time and place
Fiancia platform is a revolutionary copy trading platform and the crypto television news channel. A place where more than 3000 currency pairs to trade secrets, a place with business-friendly and innovative terminals by investing in social networking. TV viewers are updated by TV channels to keep them posted on developments in the world of Crypto & Blockchain Technology.
Custom TV Channels for Crypto Currency, the world's first Crypto news channel TV is dedicated to news, debates by cryptocurrency market leaders, 7 financial data on all cryptocurrency pairs, news coverage & technological decentralization 24/7. Turn on streaming on all networks and satellite broadcasting devices.

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The revolutionary trading platform for trading cryptocurrency: where a trader and an investor can trade online cryptocurrency way easier and more interesting, using the strategy of social investment in the trade of cryptocurrency. The user television channel for cryptocurrency

Fiancia has plans to introduce affiliate plan to its traders and investors to bring more benefits to them. That way, traders will be offered ways to generate more income and also urge investors that their financial resources are being accumulated with time apart from the day-to-day functions. comprehensive way.Investors and traders will have the opportunity to join the affiliate program because of 50% stake they will generate from this activity and in this way both Investors and Fiancia itself would enjoy significant benefit at a significant level.

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  • The terminal will play a dynamic role when traders and investors share their experience and trading strategies with the help of strategies for investing in social networks.

  • Investors can also make huge profits thanks to the emergence of such a prolific and unique system that has access to more than 3,000 crypto-currencies in general

  • The terminal will provide investors with the opportunity to benefit from the experience of the most experienced and competent traders, and thus the achievement of goals and objectives will become convenient and effective

  • Easy control and simplification from the point of view of personal control over trade in crypto currency


Token Symbol: FIN
Total Supply: 60,000,000 FIN
Hard Cap 30,000 ETHER
Fiancia Ltd in general for FIN coin offer on the date specified on March 1, 2018 13:00 GMT. In this case the company only gets up to 3000 Ether in the early stages with. 6 Million Tokens. Ether for the project. Fiancia in accordance with the commitments and agreements will not receive additional and when the limit of 30,000 Esther Hard cap has been achieved. Companies that have earned a share of 10% for Pre-ICO stages, 75% are related to primary sales, 11% to founders, advisors and team members present in it and in particular 4% to reward programs to be discussed under Process. The company has had several problems with Pre-ICO.
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