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Disclaimer- This is not an investment advice, i only see a potential in the project. I am only doing a review of the project and hereby can be seen as a bounty hunter.*

The Coss exchange and merchant POS platform are already live and functional. Its important that whoever wants and wish to participate in the token sale must also partronise the platform as they are sharing revenue to coss token holders weekly,

If you wish to trade on the platform, you can use my referall link below:

More explaination
Crypto-One-Stop-Solution is developed with regard to the global needs of the cryptocurrency industry in general, and with due attention to the demands of the individual users who intend to manage their assets online. The platform is focused on providing individuals with approachable guidelines for a smooth start in the cryptocurrency world: helping those who already own a business to improve the quality of their service, and catering online payments and cryptocurrency services to individuals.

The initial features embedded into the COSS platform design are:

  • Wallet, providing COSS users with a secure medium to store cryptocurrencies;

  • Market cap listing, an archive list featuring the market prices, the trading volume and the whitepapers of the most popular cryptocurrencies;

  • Merchant list, an early version of the COSS marketplace, on which customers can find
    merchants accepting cryptocurrency payments for their services directly via COSS;

  • Merchant Platform, a virtual marketplace, on which customers can search for merchants, services and products that are cryptocurrency-friendly;

  • Cryptocurrency listing, a feature that allows coin developers and owners to add their tokens to the Exchange and to become part of the COSS ecosystem;

  • Proof-of-development, a mechanism that analyzes and lists blockchain, cryptocurrency, DApps, smart contracts and DLT developers, helping individuals and businesses to hire the approved devs;

  • News feed that displays articles published by CoinTelegraph, the updates from COSS and the twitter posts.

My coss exchange refferal link:



My video review of Coss

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