Bitrace is an intriguing new crypto startup focused on the Mediterranean tourist industry.
To fund the development of their project they are running an initial coin offering for their Bitrace token.
Here we’ll look at some of the most important questions you will have if you are thinking of backing the Bitrace ICO.
What is Bitrace?
Bitrace is a tourist and leisure company focused on the Mediterranean area. The holding company behind Bitrace is looking to develop the Tunisia Racing F1 City.
Why is Bitrace looking to develop an F1 Racing circuit in Tunisia?
Hosting an F1 event can be hugely lucrative for the state, city or country that is playing host. Currently there is a lack of good quality tracks in Southern Europe. Bitrace wants to fill this gap by providing an inexpensive racing circuit in Tunisia benefiting from the low labor and construction costs and the closeness to Europe.

What is the token being offered in the ICO?
The token is called BRF.
How much is Bitrace looking to raise?
Bitrace wants to raise a minimum of $3 million USD and a maximum of $57,626,400 USD.
What is the price of the BRF token?
BRF token is being priced at 1 BRF is equal to $0.1 USD.

Who can invest in the BRF ICO?
Only investors from USA, Singapore and Canada are restricted from participating.
Where can you find more information?
You can find more information about the ICO by visiting:
Bitrace website:
Bitrace white paper:
Bitrace token sale: