FreeZone could be a new scheme for the chain of blocks, that is, free economic zones, created primarily for business operations supported block-changers and crypto-currency transactions, that area unit exempt from taxation and tax on transactions with cryptocurrency.
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It has a financial infrastructure consisting of five enterprises, the infrastructure of five large companies: the universal trading platform (UTP), payment systems, banks, investment banks and marketing agencies that will work with both crypto and Fiat.

Part of the profit of FreeZone will be allocated to the development of programs for this community with libertarian ideals. We plan to provide services for free or at a price, including:

assistance in obtaining citizenship;
asset protection using blockchain technology;
legal assistance, protection of human rights; and much more.
Part of the benefits of FreeZone will be used to finance the community. FreeZone will provide social services to our members for free or at a cost price.
FreeZone sincerely understands the social responsibility of the business.
It will make our world better and more comfortable.
With FreeZone, business and blockchain, the community will have synergies, which can only accelerate the development of all three parts of the project.
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Platform FreeZone

FreeZone is developing a universal trading platform where users can transact with crypto, derivatives, commodities, and various other traditional items.
The low risk of disputes between traders and government institutions should result from strict KYC & AML regulatory procedures .
Easy withdrawal and withdrawal of funds in currency (Crypto or fiat) through our own bank system and payments Various traded assets.
Possibility to swap assets from one account only.
Opportunity to trade using accounts in our payment system, without putting money into the market; accounts can be used together for market trading and for purchases of goods and services, online and offline.
A referral program that creates additional revenue opportunities for community members and traders alike.
Margin trading through leverage provided by other traders or our bank. Simple and easy auction of ICO on the market through FreeZone investment bank.

FreeZone Payment System
FreeZone is developing a payment system that integrates a variety of emergency crypto payment tools, fiat currency, and e-money.
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The ability to receive fiat money in exchange for tokens during ICO without risking losing funds or freezing them due to legal issues, KYC & AML , solved by the FreeZone infrastructure.
Ability to hold accounts in one currency (crypto, fiat, e-money) and purchase goods, services and assets in other currencies due to rapid automatic conversion.
Ability to use an account funds payment system for trading any assets in the universal trading platform.

ICO details
TokenName of the token: FreeZone
Symbol of the token: FRZ
Type of current: ERC20Token
Price: 0.2 $
Start date: March 2018
Targeted investments: US $ 100,000,000
Number of issued tokens: 1 000 000 000
Number of tokens sold: 500,000,000
Minimum contribution amount: 0.1 BTC, 0.5ETH, 0.3BCH, 3LTC, 500 euros, 600 US dollars, ₤ 500, ₣ ​​600, 65000 ¥
Accepted: payments BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC and fiat ($, €, ₤, ₣, ¥)

Official links
Technical documentation: Paper.pdf