EOZ is the first credit platform with a neural network! This platform is an investment project that trades on the crypto-currency market with the help of a smart bot that can certainly provide minimum risks and more stable, high profits. Having a good trading experience in the stock and crypto currency market, the team decided to create its own platform and issue its own token.

Perhaps start with a personal cabinet after registration. Yes, there is nothing unusual inside, everything is quite simple and understandable. It is allowed to use 4 crypto-currencies such as: BTC, ETH, LTC and of course EOZ. In the head of the personal cabinet there is a dashboard, it is local time, as well as current exchange rates to the dollar. Some functions of the site will be available after the end of ICO, therefore, at the moment, for their functionality I can not say anything. Also, you can fill out your profile by specifying your details, such as date of birth, phone number, address, and name. For the security of your data and account, you can connect 2FA authentication. In principle, everything is in the cabinet. After you join the platform, you can start investing and getting your daily profit. To invest in this platform, you should always be aware of the risks. The minimum investment starts from $ 100 for a period of 160 days and your daily income is 3%. The maximum investment is $ 100,000 for a period of 50 days and your daily income will be 3% + 0.35% like a bonus. In the office you can find your referral link to attract partners. By the way, the referral program here is rather not weak, which means, in turn, is of interest to investors. In turn, you yourself must analyze this platform, be aware of the high risks with investments, especially given the high daily interest and a large referral program. On this platform, I did not find any information about the team, there are no documents confirming the official platform activity, as well, there are no contacts except email. After the ICO is completed and all the calculations are made, EOZ will be available for lending, exchange and external exchanges. The estimated price after the launch is $ 35 and will be held in line with further growth. EOZ plans to buy its own tokens from users daily, thereby maintaining and increasing the value of the coin on available exchanges. Listing on stock exchanges is scheduled for Q3 2018. 12 million tokens will be distributed on time ICO, 5 rounds. Each round has a limited number of coins, and also raises the price of the token in each round. A smart, artificial neural network will provide you with a stable income with minimal risks. This bot can not only analyze the market and make trade, it will also make its own analysis of its mistakes thereby becoming smarter. Using this platform, you can earn daily profit from mining, trade, or simply be the holder of the EOZ token. More detailed information you can read by clicking on the link above if you are interested in this platform.

" contacts "
If you have any questions, you can ask them for support in the official chat rooms, as well as visit the site, read the technical document, join the official social networks.
Official website https://www.eoz.com/
White paper https://www.eoz.com/whitepaper.pdf
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/eozdotcom/
Twitter https://twitter.com/eozofficial
Telegram https://t.me/eozofficial
Bitcointalk profile https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1795832