Hello guys. i will be discussing a very important platform related to all entities in the crypto world right from the beginners to the professionals. Firstly looking into the problem being faced as a newbie in crypto, in which one major problem is trading of cryptocurrencies. Trading of cryptocurrency tends to be frustrating and at times difficult to grab at once. This problem of trading doesnt only apply to beginners but also professionals. In trading, there seem to be various processes which may be seen as obstacles some of which includes Lengthy validation and login processes, being exposed to too much noise in relation to actionable signal, also keeping of data at hand is quite difficult and might seem impossible. But unfortunately, all traders have to go through this entire process to make profit at the end of the day. Now think of an easier way to achieving these tasks and still end up with our profits.

Tradershub is a community driven smart trading platform that seamlessly integrates multiple exchanges which the next generation form of trading tool. This platform allows anyone to participate in the crypto economy and also ensures simpliciy in all the processes involved to ensure every partcipants can trade efficiently. This is achieved by blending sophisticated engineering with blockchain technology. Tradershub empowers traders with all that is needed to trade effectively while using rewards to stimulate knowledge sharing and social engagement in the community.

Checking out Tradershub app, it ensures all the needed features are always available at the ease and convenience of the user within a safe trading environment. The tradershub token will be used to access various services or it can be kept safe in the user wallet and keep its growing value over time

General features of Tradershub
Unified Marketplace: Get deep insights fast, easy and transparent. The central part of the platform is dedicated to key trading process operations: portfolio management, market data analysis and trading executions. Tradershub is integrated with all major cryptocurrency exchanges, making it effortless to monitor and manage your cryptocurrency portfolio balance across multiple exchanges. Interactive tools and real-time metrics provide users with deeper insights and help them streamline their trading process.

Benefit from crowdsourced intelligence: The Tradershub platform incorporates a variety of social components and leverages social capital through its rewarding system. It offers a collaborative environment that incentivizes members of the community to perform value-adding services for the benefit of the community as a whole. The rewards and incentives serve as an encouragement for the full establishment and continuity of the social trading environment in order to provide sustainability of the platform.

The Tradershub Token: THT is a utility token that will be used on the platform to pay fees and access various features and services, such as ghost trading, premium data feeds, etc. THTs will also be distributed to traders to incentivize community building and value creation through a rating-based dynamic reward system. THTs can be held as a trading asset as we plan to list it on all major exchanges. The number of issued THT tokens will be limited. After initial issuing, no further series of THT tokens will follow.

Top Features of Tradershub
All Major Exchanges on One Screen: Direct market access to all cryptocurrencies from a single account. Acces market data, discover investment opportunities and trade 24/7 on all global crypto markets from one place.

Social Network & Ghost Trading: Exchange ideas, strategies, opinions and insights and make profit by allowing others to copy your trades. Copy and follow moves of top performing traders and make profit with trading even if you are not the best connoisseur of crypto markets.

One-Click Trading & Simplified Liquidity View: Check liquidity of a cryptocurrency in a simplified view and execute the trade with a single mouse click or optimize your trading process by setting multiple one-click trade tickets for your favourite crypto pairs.

Demo / Paper Trading: Practice your trading skills in a simulated trading environment with a Demo Trading account. Watch how your strategies play out as you develop, practice and perfect the skills you will need to trade without risking your money.
Mobile Trading: Easily control your trading account wherever you are. Tradershub provides mobile solutions that allow you to trade on-the-go from your iOS or Android device.

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