Docademic is a project that was conceptualized to solve two major previling issues which we will be looking into and also how Docademic tends to profer solution to these probelms. These issues incude Accessibility Silos and
Underserved Markets. Okay First, what is Accessibility silos; these are pockets of healthcare providers like hospitals and clinics that exist, because access in certain locations is not readily available to those people who live far away or want healthcare service at hours when the accessibility silos are not operating. Down to Undeserved markets, they are markets are markets that, in isolation, are not wealthy enough to support the cost of traditional medical services. These problem affects both the customers and the healthcare service which is why docademic is here with the solution.

What is Docademic?
Docademic Platform is a decentralized healthcare platform which involves a blockchain and consists of several smart-contracts in the perimeter of the block chain and its own crypto currency. It is a global health services platform, which begins with the help of a human-AI doctor with the Video Telemedicine Service and Social network for an affiliated group of AI affiliates and medical community (doctorate for doctors). Together, this produces a high level of free basic quality medical care so that anyone can get the benefit of the benefits and knowledge of the health service that technology now allows. Patient data is stored securely in a block and the third party can perform a dump in the upper part of the Docademic block series. The system product is created by a consortium of the most powerful, competent, and experienced logistic companies and organizations all over the world.

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How it works
As explained earlier, Docamedic has an AI-assisted telemedicine service which is not just being used for th first time but has being used by thousands of people across the world in different countries. The Docamedic app is available for the patients as well for doctors. They are building a platform of open access to all the patients across the world. An artificial intelligent machine is at the core of diagnostic services offered by the platform. The intelligent machine is trained by doctors to diagnose the patient using text and speech. With this concept, the Accessibility Silos and Underserved Markets problems are solved by connecting these healthcare services into a single point of access, and by allowing patients to be orientated to a cure at home or the correct healthcare providers and healthcare services.

Simply, this project aims to
• To building a solid, global Healthcare ecosystem for the worldwide patient or Doctor population with digital access. whereby entire patient population and medical community will use to these great advantage.
• And also to create a digital healthcare world is pouring its creative energy into this explosion of new Blockchain and AI Technologies and exciting business models. The docademic platform brings together an entire global network of medical services and makes them accessible to everybody.
• The DOCADEMIC Platform’s APP offers an easy to use interface that aggregates the services of artificial intelligence’s various analytical benefits and assists Human Doctors who are present 24 hours a day into a single highly userfriendly application, allowing users to solicit medical assistance in the place and time of one’s choice as well as follow up on treatments they receive and take and share their health record through blockchain.

About Token sale and distribution
Token Name: Medical Currency Card

Symbol: MTCE

Mission Amount: 1,000,000,000,000 MTC

Token Sale Price: Sale Price Token 1 MTC = 0.001 ETH

Special features: Ethereal base ERC-20 token

Maximum Token Offered: 350,000,000 MTC ~ 350,000 ETH

Crowd Sale 1 with 20% bonus
150,000,000 MTC ~ 150,000 ETH

Crowd sale auction 2 AUCTION
200,000,000 MTC ~ 200,000 ETH

Minimum required token: 3,500,000 MTC ~ 3,500 ETH

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