Understanding TWO TV

when people watch tv two can start streaming video get very good results and no cost subscriber or prepaid.flow video is an additional channel that can be opened by pressing the enter button on the remote control.

as for tv two facilities can be controlled through the user so as to facilitate in choosing categories such as, sports, latest news, music, political news, nature travel, education and so forth.

Get to use a platform that integrates linear TV with private video streams curated by a supervised learning algorithm, which allows for more variation and relevance of organic content without having to pay a monthly subscription fee. Experience the freedom to skip videos and advertisements as well as the opportunity to choose the frequency of Receive rewards ads to watch relevant sponsored messages and share anonymous data with advertisers via TTV.

WHAT IS THAT? TV-TWO brings a merciless transaction and a crypto wallet to 700 million Smart TVs worldwide. We associate reach on the Large Screen and facilitate the direct exchange of values between users, advertisers and content creators via the payment channel. Visit Website: https://tv-two.com/ for more information.

The TV-Two team will release the TV-TWO app running on Testnet on January 31, 2018 for public. So do not forget to check it!

So I’m pretty sure now you realize I have a bias against utility companies and advertising -
Well again this is one of my choices that I really interest in that genre. Not sure how much I would invest in this one but it is definitely worth considering. Advertising and utilities are two of the biggest industries that interest me and this one combines the two! Not to mention on the roadmap they will be releasing an app for Samsung and LG TV in April! That’s very big Think of the implications if this goes mainstream …

We aim to establish a direct relationship between consumers, content providers and advertisers (see Figure 1). Individual players are empowered to pursue direct interaction with blockchain, decentralize ecosystems and cripple oligopolistic TV networks, broadcast providers and technology giants, as they actively hinder open innovation. In section A.1, we validate our claim that the TV network is structured as an oligopoly. Based on learning from programmed ad spaces being plagued with cheating, openness and limited brand security, we’ll jump over the TV up front to visit more information https://tv-two.com/TV_Whitepaper.pdf by building direct transparency into the core model.

How does it work?

Step 1: Install TV-TWO apps on your Smart TV.
Step 2: Sync your wallet from TV to your other device.
Step 3: Watch your personalized Broadcast and Video Stream.
Step 4: Check the token you’ve collected.
Step 5: Market your token for ether, Bitcoin or Fiat.

Content provider

Accept the opportunity to generate reach on a television without having to sign a contract with a TV network, giving a small creator focusing on quality video in the same voice as determined by watch statistics and not clicks. Get full transparency on watch statistics for their videos without having to trust a centralized platform that can update their content more easily with the advantage of high media expenditures leading to TV


Receive automatic media targeting and attribution features and ordering on TV they know from digital advertisingEach per user reports on ad engagement and organic video contexts without being subjected to non-transparent KPI fraud or reporting Can answer users based on the party’s first-party method without having to submit data to TV -Two or a third party.TTV or TV-Two starts its ICO event series on February 24th & will end on March 24, 2018.

Token Distribution:

Token for Television (TTV) will be distributed as follows:

Available for Purchases: 500,000,000 Tokens for Television will be available for purchase. Relatively, 75% of all tokens will be sold to the public for as long as the crowd.
Team: 15% of available tokens will be saved by TWO-TV. The token
more than three years.
Supporters and Advisors: 6% of available tokens will go to TWO-support and TV advisors.
Campaigns: 4% of available tokens will be provided to supporters who have participated in the Bounty and Marketing Campaign.
Market Maker: Any ETH done exceeding 90% of hard caps will be locked for two years in a smart contract. Smart contracts stabilize the TTV price by automatically buying the token back, if the market price falls below the issue price.
Unsold evidence will be burned
Other evidence will not be made in the future
ICO Bench description:

“The app for Smart TV is used as a new gateway for linear broadcasts combined with personalized video streams as an additional channel. Technology to set up a new television ecosystem, with direct interaction between users, advertisers and content producers. Ethereal-based tokens called TTV, Token for Television, will drive the ecosystem while ensuring security and fairness. “
The coolest part of all this is that you can get paid to watch ads. If you do not want to watch an ad and you want to miss it, you will not get paid. This is the way TV should be designed from the beginning but it can not be done until now! This is the future of television and whether the company pulls it from scratch or not remains to be seen but I like the idea of ​​where it will work and I fully support them. I will invest this for sure :-). Just I thought I’d let you know too!
Also people remember my picks based solely on my opinions and experiences with the history of crypto coins and my projection of success. It is not at all a recommendation or suggestion to trade or spend your money on cryptocurrency assets because the market is so unpredictable and I am not a financial advisor.


Visit the information below:

Website: https://tv-two.com/
Whitepaper: https://tv-two.com/TV_Whitepaper.pdf
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/tvtwocom
Twitter: https://twitter.com/tvtwocom

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