Montis Insignia Calpe or the Gibraltar Stone Badge, is the motto of an area that stands the by result of a referendum in 2002 under the authority of Great Britain. In 1160, Sultan Muwahidun Abd al-Mu’min ordered that it open a permanent settlement, including the castle, built in Gibraltar. In 1462, Gibraltar was conquered by Juan Alonso de Guzmán, Duke of Medina Sidonia 1st. After the conquest, King Henry IV of Castile earned the title of King of Gibraltar, and made this area part of the Campo Llano de Gibraltar, Gibraltar village. In 1501, Gibraltar was handed over to the Kingdom of Spain, and Isabella I of Castile issued a Kingdom Decree which gave Gibraltar the emblem still in use today. Under the 1713 Utrecht Treaty, Gibraltar was handed over indefinitely to Great Britain. Spain failed to regain Gibraltar in the siege of 1727 and the Great Siege of Gibraltar, which lasted from 1779 until 1783.
That is a piece of history of a territory led by the Governor on the Iberian peninsula, by the entrance of the Mediterranean sea. The nation that inhabits this land can be traced back to the Neandhertal period. This place is very famous with the Rock of Gibraltar. A towering stone with enormous dimensions. At the foot of the stone, inhabited about 35,000 people who are actively into the motor of an economic and government movements.
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A few of British and international banks operated in Gibraltar. Jyske Bank claims to be the oldest bank in Gibraltar, based on the acquisition by Jyske against Banco Galliano in 1987, which began operating in Gibraltar in 1855. As Barclays ancestor, Anglo-Egyptian Bank, entered Gibraltar in 1888, and Credit Foncier, now Crédit Agricole, entered in 1920. In 1967, Gibraltar implemented the Company Regulations, Taxes and Concessions, which imposed a special tax for international companies. This is one of the factors driving the growth of professional services such as private banking and insurance-bound management. Gibraltar has some positive designations as a financial center, including a common legal system and access to a single EU market in financial services.
By these incredible historical backgrounds that many born economic actors from the banking sector and derivatives who contributed a lot of Pounds/ Euro for the Gibraltar government. Including the tourism sector that became its flagship. Even Marks & Spencer’s retail famous brands, have been there for a long time. Realizing its support for more conducive economic sustainability. This trust being to be a hard attention by banking actors. Others, think extra hard to create a system of creative economic achievement.
Penetration of smartphone is growing on significant rates. Despite the increasing number of people who have a smartphone in their pocket, the high costs of data and connectivity make it impossible for a large part of the world to have consistent access to the network. Information technology and financial system that has been running and well distributed, became a cornerstone of new applications based on blockchain technology create a system.
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What is Siglo? It is a blockchain protocol for financial and digital inclusion. Using smartphone apps built on Siglo protocols, these users will be able to get toptime-airtime during their trip, at home, or at any time a schedule that allows them to interact so as to give them the ability to be more connected than ever before. The first Siglo app is, which already has 1.2 million Colombian and Mexican users.
As the growing market grows they see economic growth and connectivity, multinational and local brands are showing high interest in reaching their user population. As the economy continues to expand in search of access to the internet, provides great brands with solutions to connect with a new consumers, while helping people in this market gain access to the internet.
Siglo’s unique value proposition in that case is being launched into the market, where significant loyalty and participation has been achieved through the application. After completing its milestone, the Siglo protocol will be opened to other developers and financial stakeholders and digital currency inclusion. New protocol applications will be required to buy shares in tokens. When a new brand or subscriber is onboarded, a new wallet will be made for the user or the participant. Here, coin apps are added to their wallets and distributed to the user as attention and opt-in data provided back to the application. For this brand escrow account is made with smart contract as part of the Siglo Protocol. You can read the details information on
This is the one that people of Gibraltar proud of. Siglo is the future of mobile connectivity in the world, where increased access to networks and mobile deals is paid for by global branded sponsors. Siglo Limited, by the Gibraltar company, will sell and manage tokens and work to promote and expand its in ecosystem network. Once the initial milestone is met, the token ecosystem will be expanded and included in other applications that use opensource from the Siglo protocol heir wallets.
With enthusastically, please welcome to the blockchain protocol of the Gibraltar’s ambassador. Here is, The Siglo Token. To view the full whitepaper, kindly contact
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