Streamity project focuses on establishment of a powerful cryptocurrency exchange which will include a broad range of services and ensure benefits from cryptocurrency markets development,while avoiding complications and risks arising from cryptocurrency ownership,transfer and exchange.A powerful StreamDesk aggregator ensuring exchange of cryptocurrencies for fiat currencies under smart contracts without intermediaries is the key element of Streamity project.StreamDesk prototype represents the main concept of the service available online,official website

Benefits of Joining Streamity

Easy and comfortable service.
Never has cryptocurrency to fiat money exchange been that easy and secure before.It is suitable for the beginners and experts.
Large scale service with no limits.
Global coverage and worldwide presence.
Save money on cryptocurrency purchase.
Cryptocurrency to fiat currency exchange is much more profitable compared to other exchange markets and services due to fixed rates,low commissions and the absence of hidden fees.
Cryptocurrency fixed rates.
You can buy and sell cryptocurrency at a fixed price.Cryptocurrency rates are fixed to the major licensed cryptocurrency exchange markets.
Cryptocurrency purchaser security.
Seller's cryptocurrency is blocked within a smart contract.As the fiat money is transferred to the seller's account, a signal from the payment system opens the smart contract.Purchaser receives cryptocurrency.
Cryptocurrency seller security.
If a purchaser does not transfer fiat money to the seller's account within a time limit,smart contract is opened and cryptocurrency is sent back to the seller's account.
Reliable technical support 24/7.
Round-the-clock technical support for our customers.
Benefits of Token Purchase

A unique service "StreamDesk".
We develop a unique service for the profitable purchase/sale of cryptocurrency under the credible security of smart contracts and payment systems all over the world.
Buy and sell cryptocurrency without commissions.
Early investors are privileged to use such functions of StreamDesk service as purchase/sale of cryptocurrency without commissions.
Streamity PTE. registered in Singapore.Investors can officially purchase tokens regardless of their location.Our company supports partnership with the largest payment systems.
STM token is in the center of Streamity ecosystem.
STM tokens are used for the purchase of services within Streamity ecosystem.As more services are launched within Streamity platform,the more tokens are in demand.
Minimal risks.
There are minimal chances to manipulate STM token rate as they are protected with STM token and fiat money reserve funds.
Active team.
Active and well-coordinated team of highly professional developers is ready to bring ideas to life.
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