What is Streamity?

Streamity is a project that focuses on establishing a cryptocurrency exchange place that will include in various services and ensure the benefits of developing a cryptocurrency market, while avoiding the complications and risks arising from ownership of such cryptocurrency, transfers and exchanges.
The Streamity Service will include news and analysis, education, and investment resources All of the above mentioned services will provide important assistance to investors regarding the management and accumulation of crypto funds. Each section of Streamity will represent an independent business environment and generate revenue from different types of digital services.

Streamity prioritizes users and communities. The mission of Streamity is to contribute to the development of crypto community security. Streamity will develop a fair and completely transparent StreamDesk service for cryptocurrency exchange and fiat currency without intermediaries, which will save users money, and will protect our users from the most common cheating in the market using smart contracts.

StreamDesk Key Features

Smart Contract
The free Crypto community
Confidentiality in Payments / Transactions
Low Commission in Transaction
Simple and Easy in the process of Crypto Transaction
Legality of operation is assured
The services provided are balanced with the exchange rate.

STREAMITY raise funds for the launch of DAPP STREAMDESK — P2P platform peripheral cryptocurrency. STREAMITY also plans to develop STREAMITY.ORG analytical, educational and investment information and technology as needed.

Token Name of STREAMITY The ecosystem is Streamitytoken (STM) which is the project’s internal currency. The number of STM Tokens that are circulated is very limited to only 186,000,000 tokens. The price for 1 STM is 0.2 $, Token will be distributed equivalent to the income from investors during ICO run. The STM Token is available for sale for BTC, LTC ETH, ETC, USD, EUR. The STM Token will be transferred to the user account after the second phase of ICO. Minimum transaction amount in ETH: 0.1 ETH.

Profits from STM Token

The STM Token will start trading on the main Crypto exchange that allows it to be available to new users and allow investors to sell it instantly.
The development of Streamity services and the inclusion of new users will create the demand for stable STMs, where the STM token has unlimited potential for exchange rate growth with Fiat currencies and cryptocurrency.
Distribution of STM Token

StreamDesk is a separate solution, a service aimed at crypto exchange for non-intermediate currencies, under smart contracts. StreamDesk will also ensure the exchange of cryptocurrencies, with maximum security and efficiency, is suitable for most cryptoes on the market.

The purchase of the STM Token during ICO takes place has a value in accordance with the market.

Users interested in Steramity services, they receive a lower token price compared to the price during service launches which gives them significant savings when using Streamity service.
Crypto Investors, they can make a profit from selling STM Token on the market or Using STM Token as a component that poses little risk to their investment.
Through StreamDesk system Users can buy and sell cryptocurrency. That’s a similar purchase / sales mechanism. Client role is different.

In our cryptocurrency application terminology means goods.
Buyer means someone who buys cryptocurrency. The seller means someone sells it
The operation of the application is only allowed for authorized users.
Each user may act as both Seller and Buyer.
All information about requests where users participate or participate may be obtained in the user’s personal account.


May 2017
Creation of Streamity project ideas
August 2017
The prototype of StreamDesk is complete
Backend and user accounts are developed
QI 2018
ICO Begins
Launch StreamDesk and marketing campaigns
Q2 2018
Educational, information and analytical launches and investment resources STREAMITY
Q4 2018
Launch and exchange of cryptocurrency
Q2 2019
Launch Streamity Mobile version
Q4 2019
Creation of own payment system and integration with STREAMDESK service

More Info:

Website: https://streamity.org/
WhitePaper: https://streamity.org/uploads/docs/en/Whitepaper_Streamity_en.pdf
Twitter: https://twitter.com/streamityorg
Facebook: https://facebook.com/streamity
Telegram: https://t.me/streamityChat_en

Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1376073