The digital-digital economy always means activities related to digital contracts. But this does not always apply to software sales, as well as electronic goods and services. One of America’s most famous companies, Boston Group estimates the Internet’s economic potential of $ 5 billion. This is due to the fact that online shopping is not the knowledge and ordinary things for most people on the planet, which is why the digital economy is growing with each passing day. We can say that today is the fastest growing financial market in the world. With the growth of the online trading market, there is a demand for services that provide online payments, the requirements for them are the most stringent, both in terms of security and transaction speed.

The Streamsk platform is a service aimed at converting crypto currency into a form of money without an intermediary. The payment system can be used anywhere in the world. At the same time, it should be noted that due to the use of smart contracts, all Platform user tools are reliably protected. For buyers, the protection consists of blocking through a smart seller crypto currency contract, which is automatically withdrawn when the currency transfer to the seller by the buyer. Similarly, for the seller when the buyer does not transfer money to him at the specified time, the key is removed from the smart contract and the seller returns to the crypto currency. The platform operates with blockchain technology, which also speaks for its security.

Who are we

The Streamity site is mainly focused on creating a high quality secure exchange platform for crypto currency, the site includes a variety of services and helpful. A robust StreamDesk system that provides digital currency exchange at a reasonable exchange rate is a key concept at this stage. This system is safe because it uses blocking technology and provides instant transactions related to the exchange.

Streamity is based in Singapore and is a legal entity that creates a P2P platform under the name “Streamdesk” based on its function. Platform users are individuals. The company has an impressive staff of highly skilled workers who develop the platform and ensure full employment, and support customers in non-stop mode.

The Streamdesk Platform supports its Users and allows novice investors to acquire and sell crypto currency in the early stages of operation without commission fees and hidden fees. Also, the undoubted advantage of the StreamSdesk platform is the ability to perform crypto currency operations at a fixed rate, set at the licensed main crypto exchange market.

The STM Token is introduced on the Streamdesk platform, which is used to work in the system. The platform makers take care of their Clients, protecting them from the fluctuations of the course, by creating an impressive reserve fund, which consists not only of service tokens, but also currency currency. The STM Token is implemented on the Ethereum platform according to the ERC-20 standard. In total, 186 million tokens are planned to be launched without the rights of the next generation, to be delivered in the following areas :

70% token akan dikirim ke ICO
25% token akan dipesan untuk Streamity
3% token akan masuk ke program bonus
2% token adalah untuk penasihat
Also, among the large number of Streamity service directives there is an information analysis portal called, which combines news and analysis of the further development of the crypto-currency world.

Market analysis

According to research conducted by CoinMarketUp, the daily number of trading in crypto-currency fields reached about $ 4 billion, and total market capitalization exceeded $ 150 billion. However, do not forget that the digital currency market is still young, and therefore still too small, compared to global financial markets. If you look at the financial market statistics on the Forex market, you can see that the daily volume of currencies is 5.1 trillion, it is clear that the crypto currency market is at the edge of major financial markets, which will soon affect the world market as a whole, the crypto and digital era payment. Moreover, by using smart blocking technology and smart contracts, it simplifies many procedures related to the conduct of transactions and other documents. Therefore, it is time to use new modern technology.

Site differences

Internal bitcoina kind of bulletin board, which indicates the path of each bitcoin in relation to other currencies. The given system considers only bitcoin levels, so this system ensures the security of the course, as it is based on the blocking system, is completely open.Changelly Technology. This technology allows site users to store several types of crypto currency in their wallets at once and buy real dollars or other currency for them, but only unilaterally. Transaction security is also guaranteed, thanks to the blocking system.

Thus, we can say that the Streamity platform with StreamDesk system developed has created a unique, automatic, and most important, unique digital currency exchange with minimum commissions and maximum security. This platform actually has great potential and clear advantages over competitors. Our specialists expect about 500 thousand new users interested and interested in this site with minimal cost to advertise the company.

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