The idea is to win a fortune to be visited not a single player - thousands of methods, simple and complex, have been developed and are being developed right now.

The casino cannot win!

These institutions offer a large number of different gambling games that look easy, though may be great to entertain. Depending on the level of expertise, skills, interest in gambling, you can choose a game to his liking. Moreover, the amounts that you bet, is also very different - from several cents to tens of thousands of dollars.

Regardless of the game, your experience, other details - remember one important fact: when you are playing by casino rules, you can't win. Casino is a kind of conveyor that transfers money from player to owner.

There are only two categories of people that the casino makes a profit. First, as you might guess, it's the owners of gambling establishments. By placing the rollers with the methods of earnings, they thereby attract new visitors in the process of testing the proposed schemes lose their money.

The second category is interested in creating pseudoeffective ways to make money – casino affiliates or, as they are called, referrals. They get a kickback for each deposit registered through the links of their users.

This injustice want to fix a project called Joy Token!
The project team proposes to create a single ecosystem, a platform where will be able to connect to game developers, players and major gaming casinos. All of this will be developed on the blockchain technology, which increases the credibility of the system, reduces risk, improves access for many people.

Today, many players of gambling games have already developed the opinion that casinos and other gambling games at the very beginning of creating these algorithms, where is almost impossible to win. In this case the market consists of only the largest casinos that easily withstand the competition and people no other options to go there and lose again.

The aim of this product is to become more reliable and transparent system on the blockchain that can increase people's trust in the gambling and gaming industry. Developers and contributors of the platform in this case will be 100% sure that everything is fair and secure and distributed fairly. You can download the app and install on mobile to use offline.

The project will only provide thoroughly tested games to their users, they will be integrated into their hosting through a verification system. Winnings can be collected immediately to your account in the form of tokens. Will have developed their own website with online casino, you will also be able to play PlayCosmo, which is licensed in the United Kingdom and Curacao.

Developers can still release on the websites to verify their ideas. Almost all purchases are to be made with this new cryptocurrency JoyToken: the creators and players will be rewarded with these coins.
The most important advantage is of course the openness and transparency of the whole ecosystem. This will increase the popularity of such platform to attract more and more players and programmers.

They will also conduct the sale of tokens of this ecosystem will start on 27 February and finish on 29 March 2018. You can take an active part in the purchase.

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