We conducted a comprehensive analysis of 182 states on the possibility of creating a Free Crypto Economic Zone

29 countries selected to have

initial negotiations with 29 states.

The 12 states that have indicated further interest in the project have been selected

What to do now:

Negotiations with 12 states are under way.

Organizational, legal and political issues are further analyzed

What will happen next?

We plan to sign a letter of intent with these two or three states

We will create at least one Free Crypto Economic Zone

Why is the country interested in it?

Reinforcing foreign direct investment Creating

new jobs

Progressive, forward-looking country perceptions and subsequent growth in relevant international rankings

Gross domestic product growth

Improving the general well-being of the population

Increasing the life satisfaction of the community Increasing the prospect of current government elections

Imagine, you're just a call from all the crypto needs you need.

It will work just like that! Universal trading platform Read more

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The libertarian blockchain community

Part of the benefits of FreeZone are used to fund the community. The token owner will decide which services will be developed. Services are provided free of charge or at a cost price. Let's improve the world together!

Free education from foreign languages ​​to programming; From web design to blockchain theory and practice

Charity P2P Charity Platform. Everyone in need is welcome to apply. Anyone who wants to help send money to a specific person. The use of money is completely transparent and protected by intelligent contracts.

Remote Income Can you write text, create a website or translate professionally? Can you do something else? You will surely find customers who are ready to get your service. The FreeZone platform will help remote workers. Do you have many friends or customers on the internet? FreeZone will help you earn money through referral marketplace program.

The world without borders Want to move freely in the world? FreeZone will help to get the second citizenship and get a visa.

Trustee service For a secure exchange of any kind. Reliable transactions are carried out automatically. This service is also protected by a smart contract.

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