The existing Gaming ecosystem is largely a reputation-driven reputation built by increased advertising. To acquire and retain players, casinos are forced to spend large amounts of money to build trust and reputation through brand awareness. In addition, large casinos control game development. Players are forced to trust this casino because of the lack of transparency means that players can not track their bets and thus can not judge the legitimacy of each bet. The smaller developers also suffer because they get a small percentage of the income and face of the game. Difficulty publishing new games, such as: lack of direct revenue and access to major gaming platforms.

Joy Gaming solutions are blockchain based and allow developers to create games that run on their backend through smart contracts, not directly on blockchain. Since all the results are recorded in the blockchain, there is a much lower cheating. Thus, players can verify that the developer is running the game exactly as described on blockchain. Furthermore, game developers and home software can connect and integrate with liquidity providers, such as casinos. , to provide direct access to their game. Both casinos and developers benefit from increased revenue and game innovation.

Project Vision
JoyToken is committed to bringing smarter games to new and existing casino players by providing innovative and creative game developers with easy access to operators in our one stop solution. JoyToken delivers this in four easy steps:

Game integration and simple hosting with our own try and test game development system.
Direct payment to developer bank account in JoyTokens form.
All relevant regulatory and compliance requirements will be considered by us.
Instant access to the market through our own online casino site; PlayCosmo casinos are licensed in the UK, Malta and Curacao and allow developers to test their games before a general release to other casino operator sites.
Excellence JoyToken

Best Token Practices
JoyTokens token sales follow these best practices including strict KYC / AML Standards in accordance with the Isle of Man Law, a 2-key multi sig wallet held by an independent service company and law firm, a foundation that issues token funds over a specified period of time, the founder tokens held for a period of 2 years.
Unique Proposition & Size of Market
The global online gambling market is about $ 50 billion and our decentralized developer, players, operators, and regulatory ecosystems will lead this market for years to come.
Operational platform
Starting January 2018, JoyTokens can be used for gaming purposes.
Token Explanation Token
Role: Enable Joy Access Gaming Protocol, Purchase of Game Development API, Wagering in Set Country Country

December 1, 2017 14:00 UTC - 13 February 2018 14:00 UTC
Token for sale
February 27, 2018 17:00 UTC - March 29, 2018 17:00 UTC
Supply: 700,000,000 JOY
Price: 1 JOY = 0.20 USD
Maximum earned: 46,340,000 USD
Minimum earned: 1,000,000 USD
Currency received: ETH, BTC and Wire Transfer
Distribution Token Date: March 29, 2018
Emission rate: Nothing new token will be made
20% Pre-Sale
30% Sold during Token Sale
10% Rewards pool
23% Sold on stage
12% Founding team (3 years vesting)
3% Ambassador
2% Gift Token Sale

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