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What is WORLD WI-Fi?
The World Wi-Fi project is a global, decentralized free Wi-Fi network on private routers (most of which are home routers). Each owner of the router can distribute free Wi-Fi, connect other users and earn a cryptocurrency. In the end, everyone wins: ordinary users can not pay for the Internet, the owners of routers receive revenue, and advertisers their target audience. World Wi-Fi is a world project that is built by the community.

World Wi-fi is a decentralized platform based on blockchain for users and advertisers. This chain has three main components:
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Guest users, someone connected to an open network access point and after viewing an ad can use the Internet for free.
The owner of the router provides access to an open network and earns money by connecting guest users.
Advertisers transmit advertisements to the target audience and pay the owners of the router.
When connected to the system, the router creates and provides guests with an additional network. These are isolated from the home network at the software level, so those connected to the network will not have access to the computer on the router's main network owner.
The router owner can set the appropriate parameters for the public network (speed, the maximum number of connections, number of ads to view, etc.).

The WORLD WI-Fi platform is developed with the use of Big Data technology to collect and analyze non-personalized data on user activity, which allows advertisers to demonstrate their advertising to those to whom it really might be interesting. The technology of blocking allows making transactions between participants of the process quick and cheap, providing mutual guarantees to the parties, thanks to smart contracts, and providing advertisers with absolutely reliable and transparent information about the advertising campaign.

The World Wi-Fi project is making it easier for everyone to get the opportunity to avail internet, World Wi-Fi has been working on a model that takes care of all the loopholes in this system. World Wi-Fi is a global decentralized free network that serves through routers which can even be a residential router. World Wi-Fi gives you an option to share your router with another guest and earn it. World Wi-Fi gives you the ultimate opportunity to get access to the internet and earn through it as well.
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The World Wi-Fi project intends to create a worldwide free Wi-Fi network. It might sound like an absolutely crazy, unrealistic idea, but, in fact, the project uses a combination of simple concepts, that make this goal viable, and practically achievable. First, it is going to be the network comprised of the already existing public Wi-Fi hotspots and home Wi-Fi routers. Anybody who has a cable Internet connection uses such routers to share this connection among various devices in their house. World Wi-Fi offers to organize the owners of such routers in a community of people, using their devices to provide free Internet to everybody in the close vicinity. Combined with the public Wi-Fi hotspots this will provide full Internet coverage in residential areas, and public spaces.
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During the pre-sale and token sales, there will be 258 million WTs available for purchase. Unsold tokens will be destroyed. Token WT WeToken (WT) is the currency of the world Wi-Fi platform. All transactions in the platform will only be performed in the WeToken. The token issuer will become the world Wi-Fi PTE Ltd. WeToken (WT) will not be a valuable paper, because the WT token value depends entirely on the behavior of the platform participants. Platform operators play a complete intermediary role in the platform.
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Token: WeToken
Total tokens issued: 600,000 WT.
Number of chips available for sale: 258,000,000 WT
Presale: November 28, 2017 to March 16, 2018
Main sale: March 18, 2018 to April 18, 2018
Presale 10% of the total token sold, or 60,000,000 WT;
Sale of tokens 33% of the total token sold, or 198,000 000 WT.
Bounty 12,000,000 WT (2%) ~ 1.2mln USD.
Price: 1 WeToken = 0.1 USD.

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