We are now living in the most interconnected point in history, where human beings are most capable of being making donations to the good causes that they would like to support but can’t find the appropriate medium to exchange their donation. They fear the thought of fraud and manipulation of their goodwill. Giftcoin is the cryptographic tamper proof blockchain solution that is there to eliminate any possibility of misuse or betrayal of goodwill. It has been developed to carry out transaction between the donors and recipients without any other third party in between. It will ensure that the transaction takes place in secrecy, and reaches the recipient in full amount. Smart contracts will replace one of the major problems of the existing in donation funding, connecting good samaritans without paying for the services and operation costs of the organizations who carry out the campaigns manually. It will restore confidence in the system of how donations work, by making the system more accessible to the broader public and allowing more individuals to participate.

Besides from the direct individual funding function, Giftcoin also comes with a project funding function, which allows donation organizers to set goals and milestones for the project, allowing the public to feel a community purpose to the event rather than individual generosity. It means that if the project does not reach the proposed goals, such as building a well for a village in Uganda, funds can be returned to the donors so that they will participate in other projects in the future without losing hope. With Giftcoin, there will be a distributed ledger and it will allow the donors to have control over where the funds are being distributed. Confidence and feedback loop is at the core of goodwill, and if these pillars are abused, it will lead to a loss of trust in the system. It is a social process fueled by global acceptance of charity and donation operations. Users will also have simple and widely accepted option to opt on a monthly donation program where they will have the choice to fund the movement constantly without losing connection.

In addition, Giftcoin will also serve to motivate project leaders to pursue their donation fundraising goals relentlessly. Expansion of the donation network will inspire more individuals to launch campaigns, allowing them to accept the inalienable fact that there will be results to their efforts. Having movement leaders are equally important as knowing that funding will be secure and accountable. When the network gains a global momentum, it can have a slot in checkout pages of online shopping giants, asking their customers to contribute to a good cause by making a donation. Giftcoin will give donors the choice to support the cause of their choice, allowing a democratic process and equal access to all problems regardless of their geographic location or other biases of the funding coordinators of our current time.

Cultivating trust is a serious matter, and it requires participation of all citizens to take off and reach maturity. Donation operations of the past used to take place in gray zones, where the donor did not have a direct access or sufficient knowledge about where their contribution reaches. Giftcoin is the trust restoring technology that will shake up the existing donation and funding process, make sure that you have a role in shaping the future with socially responsible societies.

Token Sale Details

If you want to read more about token sale please visit official website: https://www.giftcoin.org/GiftCoin_Whitepaper_v1_3.pdf

Soft cap: 25 000 000 Tokens ($2.5m)
Hard cap: 100 000 000 Tokens ($10.0m)
Total supply: 1 000 000 000 Tokens ($100.0m)
Accepted currency: Ethereum, Bitcoin
Minimum purchase: 0.25 ETH
Sale price:1 ETH = 10000 GIFT
Sale start: 9:30 EST March 20th 2018
Road Map

For more detailed information about road map, please visit: https://www.giftcoin.org/



For more detailed information, please visit:

Website: https://www.giftcoin.org/
Whitepaper: https://www.giftcoin.org/GiftCoin_Whitepaper_v1_3.pdf
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Telegram: https://t.me/GiftcoinCrypto
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