JoyTokens will be available for purchase on the Ethereal framework as an ERC20 token. There is a present test with the token ERC20: in case you send the token to Perspicacious Contract, you ought to use the "support + trade shape" ability to start the trade. Regardless, if you send your token to an outside address, you ought to use the "trade" work. Lamentably, if you confer a mistake by using the limit, by then the mazuma is bewildered.
Test code for interface token ERC20
We ken about this test and are trying to guarantee that it won't strike our Clients. We mean to climb to the nascent and incited ERC223 standard (once plenarily caused). ERC223 has another component that triggers, by virtue of circumstances depicted above, and the mazuma is thusly sent back to the client.
Token arrangements structure
Computerized cash diterima: Eter
Hard-top: JoyToken at a deal has a hard best [].
Sensitive best: JoyToken on extraordinary has a fragile cover []. In case the whole raised underneath, the offer is seen as a mistake.
Time scale: initiates in [] and keeps going up to 31 days or in advance of all tokens are scattered.
Oversubscription: when JoyToken offers increase more than [], token arrangements will be closed anon. There is a believability of oversubscription. In such event, the evaluation of advantages outperformed will be marked down inside 15 days after the concluding of the token arrangement. On the off chance that it's not excessive inconvenience observe that no interest will be paid for the circumstance.
Frustration: If the token arrangement does not physically contact the sensitive stamp, it will be seen as a failed token arrangement. In such case, the offer may end quickly with the measurement of advantages outperforming inside 15 days after the token arrangement closes. You should observe that no interest will be paid for the circumstance.
Distinctive Risks: The token arrangement incorporates sundry diverse hazards portrayed in the Personal Placement Memorandum (PPM) that run with the items bargains report. These perils fuse, however are not obliged to, the potential for loss of weighty worth in tokens, weakness to trade tokens, powerlessness to induce Ecstasy Gaming frameworks, and congruousness of development danger. Perusers are enlivened to examine the PPM for an all the more full explanation of the dangers and get the right direction up to continuing to contribute.

ETH Address: 0x40ff701beb62dc5b2a5ee06efde98efbab919a14