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Have you recently graduated college? Are you about to graduate any form of education? Are you in search of a job or some projects to work on, and maybe start chasing the career you have always hoped to develop? If the answer to any of these questions is affirmative, do not imagine for one second that you are alone in this quest! Estimates show that during last years, the global education segment has gone through a stunning growth. For example, researchers state that the total number of students in the United States of America and Europe has passed 30 million. However, there is also some good news that you may not have heard of until now: to global online recruitment market is about to reach 23 billion dollars by 2020; every year, almost 10 million startups are initiated (worldwide).

So, as you might have already noticed from this short introduction, some of the keywords of this article are online, jobs and startups. How do all of these connect?

Discover Skyllz - a modern blockchain-based project that is designed to function as a transparent and distribution platform that can better evaluate, validate and empower skills. This protocol aims to migrate all the pertinent data from traditional resumes to a platform that allows the user to develop and showcase talents/abilities in a more attractive efficient manner. Yet, the process does not end here! A critical role is played by startups and companies or organizations of all sizes - who provide jobs and projects to work on, for thousands and thousands of users.

Why should students, graduates or any other individuals that consider themselves part of the labor market learn more about this network and join Skyllz? Let’s have a look at some of the most important benefits of signing up:

  1. Ready for testing
    A current platform is already available for use - built as a community, Workkola is a tool that has already attracted 17.000 students. As well, about 1000 projects and jobs are posted here. This collaborative marketplace has gained interest from 1.500 companies from all around the world. So why not test it now!?

  2. Easy to use
    On Workkola, you only need a take a few steps to find the job (or project) that suits you best! Sign up, complete the profile, find the best project, sent the deliverables. After all these phases, companies offer their feedback and the network provides incentives/validate the skills recently used.

  3. No intermediaries
    Skyllz functions on Ethereum, probably one of the most advanced blockchain platform yet available. Here, buyers and sellers are connected directly, without the need to use any middlemen.

  4. Increased transparency and safety
    We have all heard of problems that have taken place on different work platforms, due to the lack of transparency. On Skyllz, trust and freedom are the norms - users can participate, transact and work in an open environment.

  5. A modern utility token
    Users gain access to a new utility token that permits a better interaction with the platform, more efficient funding for their skills development and a more complex rewards system.

Don’t forget to test the platform, available at! Discover all that Skyllz has to offer students and graduates by visiting the:

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