a multifunctional payment tool from a new era that works with smartphones
BLOOMZED is a global payment instrument. It works with all existing financial instruments [such as bank accounts, fiat currencies, credit cards and debit cards, cryptography].Mobile APP is the main product of this mind blow project, thanks to an open API. APP is a multifunctional payment tool of a new era that works with smartphones and is an e-wallet that lets its users pay service fees, money transfer, link payment cards and comprehensive personal funds management. The blooming mobile APP and web version of the platform includes a number of sections, which provide certain features for its users.In the credit section, loans from various banks and credit organizations will be presented. In the investment section, users can increase their savings through crowdfunding, crowdinvesting, ICO, ITO, TGE and internet trading in world exchange markets. Moreover, users can purchase any type of insurance within minutes with their own convenience in the insurance section.A financial accountant who will help manage all cash flow, take control and full financial planning will be available in the application / platform.

What technologies can be found in this integrated system?
In Bloomzed systems are some ready-made and ready-made technologies. These include:

Bloomzed Mobile Payments Module
This is a mobile payment module that supports NFC transactions with digital emissions and can also interact with Point of Sale machines while paying and the Wallet / Cloud Management System Universal Cloud System that allows clients to manage cards.
Worth noting is that this module can be integrated into existing apps that run under Android.
Bloomed Universal Cloud Payment System
The Bloomzed system component is a cloud payment system that essentially serves the purpose of managing and storing active user account data, historical card data and timely replacement of keys on mobile gadgets.
This technology is resistant to hacking the Wallet Management system.
Bloom’s Cloud Transformation Module
This module serves as the ultimate authentication for cloud payments to be made across the system and can work separately as part of the Universal Cloud Payment system.
Bloomzed e-Money
It is purposely designed for e-money processing.
Gift is Worth
This is very useful for marketers who want a way to satisfy their clients. They can do so via the Valuable Gift certificate in the mobile app or via SMS.
There are various certificates to choose from eg. electronics, pharmaceuticals etc and these can be exchanged for services or related goods in offline and online stores.
Bloomzed Retail
This is a hardware and software system that allows resellers to receive payments of any type: card, electronic, cryptocurrency, via NFC and QR codes. With this solution, you can process payment via POS machine, cash register or use desk.
Bloomzed E-Commerce
This solution allows to optimize the quality of customer service and is suitable for any mobile device. This module is very convenient for electronic commerce.
Token and Bloomzed Thickness
The Bloomzed Token (BZT) is a standard token of ERC 20 that serves as some form of ‘ticket’ into the Bloomzed Crypto Club. Purchases or receipts allow you to be a part of the club and therefore enjoy all the benefits members may have.
Things to note about tokens:
BZT is not a monetary obligation or other nonduktian obligation of Bloomzed company, its partner and or its structural division
Token membership can not be cashed for cryptocurrency, electronic money or money
The blooming company will not make BZT buyback
100 million BZT is planned to be issued.

  • 1 BZT = 0.002 et and 1eth = 500 BZT
  • The minimum purchase of BZT is 250 tokens or 0.5Eth
    The Token Generation event begins on January 17 and ends on February 17, 2018
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