Hello guys. i will be discussing a platform which aims to revolutionize the referral market. The name of this platform is Plentix. Plentix project aims at balancing the economy of referrals and spreading awards to all participants. Breaking down the concept of this project; Purchasing a product for the first time creates a form of doubt as to the properties of such product, not physical properties but looking into quality, durability and all. A person will find it encouraging to buy a product recommended by a friend based on experience of usage and also quality of such product. This is simply what is happening here. The organic way of purchasing a product has its element in the referral kind of shopping, where people being referred as well as people referring are awarded. The referral market is estimated to be worth of 11 billion dollars. So now, Is there anyway referrers can tap into this system of referrals by getting awarded? Can you really earn via referrals on this basis?

What is Plentix?
Plentix platform tends to solve this problem and helps you as a referrer to tap into this system. It is ​​a decentralized platform based on blockchain that aims to connect and reward all participants in the online reference program. Plentix is simply tokenizing the referral economy and spreading rewards to all participants.

How it works/ Features
In plentix, Friends referring friends and micromarketing are the core value of the platform which helps in the healthy relationship development among the users of the product and services.Businesses and developers can create modules on the platform which will allow them to manage and track their referral progress in the most efficient way possible.
Via plentix, a wide range of developers can seamlessly build on this decentralized platform a blockade without any complications, given the complex scheme of the platform. Intellectual contracts are as automated as possible, which accordingly simplifies the work of programmers and specialists in one or another field of activity, which significantly reduces the cost, if necessary. On plentix platform, PTN Tokens are used for the payment and value exchange services. Developers and marketers can collaborate on the platform to create a specific decentralised application for specific purposes.

Decentralized And Automated
A blockchain system that is decentralized, distributed — it aims to provide and create businesses and developers with a structure to allow a huge number of developers to build on it. Via smart contracts automation lets programmers to easily plug and play with supported software, thereby giving reduced cost with effortless scaling capabilities and automation. Using decentralized, distributed infrastructure, Plentix enables programmers and businesses with open-source set of APIs and features.

Innovative Architecture
Ability to integrate into important systems like CRM and POS systems is paramount, Plentix enables businesses to easily integrate to a wide range of applications. While Plentix’s platform provides developers to write their modules, Plentix application will allow programmers to write a module which will integrate with Plentix application and overlook the transfer of programming GAS fee to them when a business using their software module has a transaction.

Flexible Reward Options
Plentix provides many possible ways for referring users network to gain rewards. The referrer may get a 10% reward in tokens for every referral that makes a purchase or even get commission for first three purchases; it is up to the business to choose. The reward may be in Plentix tokens. Rewards may be monetized for up to four purchases by the referee client. Reward options may vary from business to business, and include tokens, discounts or a mix of both.

Access To Tokenized Referral
Recommendation is the core of the platform and each time any businesses and customers connect, every recommendation for a friend, the Plentix token stores and transfers value. As Plentix is a platform concentrating on networking, with an underlying token that is an asset in the crypto economy, everyone wins.

About Token sale and Distribution
Token Name : PTNs
Schedule : March 2018
Pre sale bonus : 30%
Pre sale amount : 3,000,000 USD
Crowd sale amount : 7,000,000 USD
Platform : Ethereum
Price 1 ETH = 10000 PTNs
Equity on offer : 60%
Hardcap : 10.000.000 USD
Payment : ETH


To know more about this project, Visit:
Website: http://plentix.io/
White paper: http://plentix.io/assets/download/PLENTIX_WHITEPAPER_V5.pdf
ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2893320.0
Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/BDJxjxEf3BUMKQLa3pIAHA
Twitter: https://twitter.com/plentix_ico/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/plentix
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