CryptoKami is a Decentralized Reserve System.
The CryptoKami blockchain is based on Cardano open source. It inherits the advantages of Cardano POS open source in on-chain and cross-chain transaction processing. At the same time, it has developed two inventions to improve and upgrade the Cardano blockchain. This improvement allows the CryptoKami blockchain to further regulate the supply and demand of KAMI tokens circulating in its financial applications ecosystem.

The simple and serious answer is that the team behind CryptoKami is comprised of individuals and organizations with a wealth of experience, creativity, and financial literacy. Like the people and organizations that built up Bitcoin and Ethereum, they know and deeply understand the secrets of money, and the rule of supply and demand impacting the value of money growth behind the global economy. Therefore, they built the CryptoKami platform that provided a third-generation blockchain system and financial ecosystem and provided a staggering amount of not more than 210 million KAMI Tokens to meet third parties’ and end users’ needs. Additionally, the CryptoKami platform for third party financial services implements the ICO on it through the use of KAMI Tokens and must comply with the Compulsory Reserves Mechanism on the principle of decentralized agreements to always ensure the system’s liquidity, thereby providing strong protections for third parties and end users. The CryptoKami platform operates like the US Federal Reserve (FED) by regulating the SUPPLY and DEMAND of KAMI tokens via a Compulsory Reserve Mechanism based on the Comreme Algorithm (CryptoKami’s invention) through the Regulatory Contract (CryptoKami’s invention) for financial third parties operating on it, like the FED regulates the supply of money to commercial banks. The central bank model that regulates the SUPPLY and DEMAND of cryptocurrency is combined with financial ecosystems that have serial needs for KAMI tokens.
The Compulsory Reserve Mechanism is based on the Comereme Algorithm through the Regulatory Contract.This mechanism allows regulating the SUPPLY and DEMAND for KAMI tokens and effectively protects the next third-party financial ICOs on CryptoKami as well as investors,traders, holders,banking service users.This mechanism will increase the demand for KAMI tokens while the suply number in use of KAMI tokens is decreases due to the Compulsory Reserve Mechanism.This mechanism ensures self growth sustainability for the value of KAMI tokens in the short medium and long term.

The CryptoKami platform is like the Ethereum platform but is only intended for use by third parties in the financial sector. Financial services organizations launch their ICOs and operate based on the open source Cardano with two CryptoKami’s inventions created third-generation POS blockchain named CryptoKami with its KAMI tokens. Additionally, CryptoKami operates on its own behalf like the US Federal Reserve (FED). This is a core technology of CryptoKami, it distributes and regulates KAMI Tokens under the principle of a Compulsory Reserve Mechanism based on the Comreme Algorithm (CryptoKami ‘s invention) through a Regulatory Contract (CryptoKami’s invention). Therefore, CryptoKami acts as a central bank, and financial services organizations operate based on the CryptoKami platform which acts as commercial banks. CryptoKami issues and regulates the total number of KAMI tokens ( is limited to 210 million) under the Compulsory Reserve Mechanism based on the Comreme Algorithm through the Regulatory Contract, so it is a third-generation infrastructure blockchain for financial third parties and end users.

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The Reserve Regulates the Supply and Demand of US Dollars through Commercial Banks by Compulsory Reserve. Critical CryptoKami The compulsory back-up mechanism is based on the Comtrade algorithm developed by the Regulate Contract (which is also the invention of CryptoKami) to regulate Kami tokens circulating in the market. .


CryptoKami issues and regulates limited 210M KAMI tokens under Compulsory Reserve Mechanism based on Comreme Algorithm via Regulate Contract, so KAMI tokens SUPPLY decreasingly in future
Next third party Financial ICOs owner and end user as investor, holder, trader, banking services’ user must use KAMI tokens for their needs to use a lot of functions so create massive increasingly DEMAND on KAMI tokens in future

As such, according to the rule of SUPPLY and DEMAND, CryptoKami has created a strong and sustained SELF-GROWTH ENGINE for KAMI tokens in both of short-term, medium and long-term.

▪Build and run "blue-chip" coins futures contract exchange under a compulsory reserve mechanism
▪Build and run cross-chain crypto exchange under a compulsory reserve mechanism
▪Build and run banking services under a compulsory reserve mechanism

Thus, with a total supply of approximately 210 million KAMI tokens has been dug, and is gradually being used in proof-of-stake (PoS), as demand grows, the number of KAMI tokens required is also required. Increasingly, the supply will always be lower than demand, so, according to supply and demand rules, the KAMI token value will increase over time and frequency of use.

Compulsory reserve mechanism + Conventional algorithm + Regulatory agreement = KAMI token self growth tool

A new generation of anonymous blockchain called cryptoKami with KAMI token and Self-growth Engine will appear in this world, just be quietly observe or together with us. Start your Bitcoin heritage journey.


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