In financial accounting,reserve is any part of shareholders equity,except for basic share capital.In nonprofit accounting an operating reserve is the unrestricted cash on hand available to sustain an organization,and nonprofit boards usually specify a target of maintaining several months of operating cash or a percentage of their annual income,called an Operating Reserve Ratio.There are different types of reserves used in financial accounting like capital reserves,revenue reserves,statutory reserves,realized reserves,unrealized reserves.

A cryptocurrency is a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange that uses cryptography to secure its transactions,to control the creation of additional units,and to verify the transfer of assets.Cryptocurrencies are classified as a subset of digital currencies and are also classified as a subset of alternative currencies and virtual currencies.Cryptocurrencies use decentralized control as opposed to centralized electronic money and central banking systems.The decentralized control of each cryptocurrency works through a blockchain,which is a public transaction database,functioning as a distributed ledger.

Cardano uses the Ouroboros proof of stake algorithm to achieve decentralized consensus in its network.Ouroboros is the first provably secure PoS algorithm and,like the larger Cardano project,follows a scientific philosophy and research-first driven approach emphasizing peer review and transparency.The protocol aims at protecting user privacy and addressing their needs as well.In addition,it has developed its first virtual machine following strategies that worked with Ethereum.

CryptoKami is a Decentralized Reserve System.The CryptoKami platform is like Ethereum but only for third parties in the financial sector.Financial services organizations launch their ICOs and operate based on the open source Cardano with two CryptoKami’s inventions created third-generation POS blockchain named CryptoKami with its KAMI tokens.At the same time, CryptoKami operates on its own behalf like the US Federal Reserve (FED). This is the key feature and core technology,with CryptoKami distributing and regulating KAMI tokens under the principle of a compulsory reserve mechanism based on the Comreme algorithm (CryptoKami’s invention) through Regulatory Contract (CryptoKami’s invention).So CryptoKami acts as a central bank,and financial service organizations operate based on the CryptoKami platform acting as commercial banks.CryptoKami issues and regulates 210M KAMI tokens under the compulsory reserve mechanism based on the Comreme algorithm through Regulatory Contract,so it is a third generation infrastructure blockchain for financial third parties and end users.Official Website

“CryptoKami will be the FED of the crypto-currency world.”

“Don’t regulate blockchain, but regulate through blockchain”

Open-source Cardano (Ouroboros proof of stake algorithm) + compulsory reserve mechanism + Comreme Algorithm (CryptoKami’s invention) + Regulatory Contract (CryptoKami’s invention) = 3rd-generation blockchain infrastructure of CryptoKami

For financial third parties.

Build and run "blue-chip" coins futures contract exchange under a compulsory reserve mechanism
Build and run cross-chain crypto exchange under a compulsory reserve mechanism
Build and run banking services under a compulsory reserve mechanism
-Crypto deposits
-Crypto repo credit
-Cross-chain payment
-Crypto-fiat payment
For end users.
Invest in CryptoKami’s ICO under a compulsory reserve mechanism
Invest in the next financial third party that launches an ICO on CryptoKami --- Trade on CryptoKami’s "Blue-Chip" Coins Futures Contract Exchange under a compulsory reserve mechanism
Trade on CryptoKami’s Cross Chain Crypto Exchange under a compulsory reserve mechanism Staking
CryptoKami’s banking services under a compulsory reserve mechanism
-Crypto deposits
-Crypto repo credit
-Cross-chain payment
-Crypto-fiat payment
Star ICO : february 2018
Coin type : Standalone Blockchain Token
Coin name : KAMI token
Technology : Proof of Stake Blockchain based on Cardano
Standard : third-generation blockchain
Total Controlled supply : 210,000,000 KAMI
Crowdsale ​​Token : 45,000,000 KAMI
KAMI Tokens can be stored on :
• PC Wallet: Window, Linux, Mac
• E-wallet:
• Mobile Wallet: Android app, iOS App

The Compulsory Reserve Mechanism is based on the Comereme Algorithm through the Regulatory Contract.This mechanism allows regulating the SUPPLY and DEMAND for KAMI tokens and effectively protects the next third-party financial ICOs on CryptoKami as well as investors,traders, holders,banking service users.This mechanism will increase the demand for KAMI tokens while the suply number in use of KAMI tokens is decreases due to the Compulsory Reserve Mechanism.This mechanism ensures self growth sustainability for the value of KAMI tokens in the short medium and long term.

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