Electric energy is the very source of power that is so necessary, and so important for human life, for industrial and commercial activities of enterprises or for everyday household life. Renewable energy is necessary for us to meet our lighting needs, as well as the production process, which includes all possible electronic items and tools / industrial machines, for example, fans, televisions, mobile phone chargers, washing machines, computers and so on. Given such great and certainly important advantages of Renewable Energy, one can not help paying attention to the resources from which the power source is produced for the power plant, but they are produced from resources that can not be renewed, and their existence is limited.

The current distribution of electricity used by the distributor is usually a system of power centralization. Such a system can have a bad effect on the distribution of energy in the country. Which can lead to a condition where a number of areas will be problematic to provide electricity, due to the difficulties of reaching it (electricity) through electrical networks, and also because of bad geology factors. In addition, such distribution of energy can also lead to electricity shrinkage, unstable voltage in the event of a power outage, as a result of which the whole region, which depends on the substation, will not be illuminated.

• A project that can help us

And since there is such a problem, it needs someone to decide it, and it can be solved by distributing renewable energy.
And to understand this, KWHCoin wants to help us, who came to this world with the goal of implementing an innovative system that can cope with all the inconveniences in this industry, from cost and distribution of energy, to the relationship between the consumer and the electricity distributor, without involving third parties ; and as I already wrote above, all this will be provided at a very affordable cost. The KWH token is a kilowatt-hour, which is distributed from renewable energy. And also the ecosystem of the project is to use renewable energy. KWHCoin is an innovation for a better future for all users of renewable energy sources in the world. By the way, perhaps to draw your attention to this project, you had to write it at the very beginning, but I forgot about it, I'll write in this paragraph,

• KWHCoin

KWHCoin is the company's digital currency offering Renewable Energy Sources Blockchain to the community. And this community is aimed at increasing the company's popularity around the world by providing energy. The emphasis on renewable energy sources makes the company widely accepted by consumers around the world, thanks to environmentally friendly products. Investors are ready to buy KWHCoin to increase the company's activity towards increasing the level of global environmental protection. Eco-friendly products are highly recommended by every government, as it offers economic and social development of the nation. The ability to offer high-quality energy products, such as green button data, sensor readings and smart meters, makes the organization widely accepted in the target markets.

• Selling tokens

The sale of KWHCoin tokens during the ICO is aimed at collecting money that will go towards improving the distribution of renewable energy sources for society. KWHCoin is an abbreviation for The Kilowatt hour coin, which focuses on increasing the distribution of renewable energy sources around the world. ICO KWHCoin aims to create 195,000,000 tokens for the decentralization of renewable energy sources. The start date of ICO KWHCoin is January 25, 2018.

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