MORPHEUS, What is This?

Supply chain inefficiencies — the greatest threat to world economic growth
Every year, an upward of 2 trillion US dollars is lost to bank fees, conversion rates, etc in global trading. There are terrible barriers, terrible inefficiencies, within the international supply chain. These barriers have greatly slowed down global economic growth. Put differently, eliminating these barriers will mean much good to the world. How? Well, according to the to a report from the World Economic Forum entitled Enabling Trade: Valuing Growth Opportunities, reducing the barriers within the global supply chain could increase worldwide GDP by 5% and total trade volume by 15%. This will mean an increase of up to 3 trillion US dollars in global economy. Imagine how many jobs that amount would create worldwide — on a yearly basis! Imagine the enormous time that would have been saved from the elimination of the endless delays associated with the global supply chain! Imagine the emotional relief that would come from the elimination of the international supply inefficiencies! Just imagine!
To illustrate the barriers bedeviling the international supply chain: an exporter is sending a container of flowers from UK to China.As many as 200 paper documents will be signed by various agencies to certify that the flowers are harmless, that the flowers are free of insects, that the shipment has been cleared, etc. These original documents, in turn, will need to be transported separately by air to the import destination since custom officers require these original documents to prevent falsifications. Any error in any of those documents can cause terrible delays and even outright spoilage of the shipment. This is outside the paperwork and courier services required for the bill of landing.
Global supply-chain management can be impacted by several actors who impose policies that regulate certain aspects of supply chains.Governmental and non-governmental organizations play a key role in the field as they create and enforce laws or regulations which companies must abide by.These regulatory policies often regulate social issues that pertain to the implementation and operation of a global supply chain e.g. labour, environmental, etc.These regulatory policies force companies to obey the regulations set in place which often impact a company’s profit.
Morpheus.Network — the platform that breaks global trade barriers
The Morpheus platform was established by seasoned industry veterans to eliminate international supply chain inefficiencies. Built on the blockchain technology, Morpheus hopes to restore trust, security, visibility, ease, optimization and automation to the system. To ensure the precision and workability of the network, the team widely consulted with some of the world’s largest shipping, customs and banking brands which has enabled the Morpheus team to come up with a full-service, international, automated supply chain platform.
Records of documents on the block are accessible only to authorized participants; this can be all participants or only those who need a certain piece of data. Property and access to documents can be securely identified without secure identification between a partner who needs confirmation. In short,it can be shared and protected extensively at the same time.
The documents are stored in an external container that allows the Morpheus Network Contract to fully exploit the power of blockchain capacity while protecting personal data. This guarantees the right balance between privacy and transparency.One of the characteristics of the block chain is data consistency as soon as the data has been written on the blockchain, no one regardless of the system administrator,can change it.This benefits Morpheus Network users by creating secure audit paths for all documents and transactions to ensure compliance with local regulations.
Platform from The Morpheus network has a simple and intuitive dashboard interface. Interacting with the network by checking or adding Smart Contract goals in the supply chain is designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate.Can easily view the flow of funds and documentation in any transaction and use the Morpheus Network features such as warranty payment services and document digitization.It also has an authorization setting that determines that the document or the purpose of the Smart Contract is kept private and that can be viewed and shared with the courier,the customs broker and the shipper.
Morpheus network is the first platform that enables large transfers to over 1,600 banks internationally. Morpheus is at the verge of replacing traditional bank transfer which is slow, expensive and old-fashioned.
· With Morpheus network, you can view flow of funds and documentation.
· Morpheus.Network platform enables complete data confidentiality:The permission settings on the platform enables you to establish which documents are kept private and which can be shared with your shipping agents, customs, freight forwarders, etc.
· Morpheus has an outstanding quality control management.
· Morpheus has the lowest cost of sending money overseas (1.5% network fee) in comparison to traditional banks and even Bitcoin. (The following chart shows the amount of money that would remain per $100 transaction with various platforms).
· The Morpheus Network also incorporates the “layering” of other blockchain technologies to be included as necessary objectives in a given Smart Contract.
· Morpheus offers import/export tutorials.
· The Morpheus Network links traditional, international transacting with the newest, blockchain technology.
· Morpheus offers Escrow Payment Services: Morpheus.Network holds payments until a contract is completed with uploaded shipping documentation and loading confirmations or other specified Smart Contract objectives. With this security feature, importers and dealers can confidently deal with new, unknown suppliers knowing that their funds are secure with Morpheus prior to contract completion.
Benefits for Token holders in the event of a value increase,the Morpheus Tokens will leverage your company’s buying power.33.3% of all proceeds (0.5% of the total 1.5% transaction fee) paid via a Smart Contract will be awarded back to Morpheus Network token holders,thereby passively increasing the value of tokens.
Presale February 23rd,2018 — March 4th,2018
Price Token : 1.12 MORP = $ 0.5
Bonus 12%
Minimum Purchase $10
SoftCap : 21.95 M or $1,800,000
Hardcap : 100 M or $36,000,000
Main Sale : 30 Day date to be Annouced
If you have not done so already,be sure to sign up for the whitelist asap! Members on the whitelist will be given a 6 hour head-start to participate in the token sale before it is open to the public Additionally,if you contribute during that 6 hour period you will receive an extra 2% bonus! (14% bonus in total)
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