IntroductionTechSpecs creates a biological system that plans to complete the driving phase in the world for mechanical assistance, inspection, evaluation and purchase of the buyer's hardware products. TechSpecs is turning the biological community that plans to complete the world stage for innovative assistance, survey, evaluation and purchase of customer gadget products. " provides a single, simple and easy insertion / sharing of specialized definitions for any client hardware program. TechSpecs provides the easiest approach to effectively incorporate the technical characteristics of any piece of customer equipment into any site as a gadget or connection. He also uses fake consciousness to automatically create technical specifications for significant online shopping centers. The problems of TECH SPECS AIMS FOR SOLVING The problems that need to be addressed to overcome in order to restore the attractiveness of customers for the acquisition of new gadgets: • Wow factor: with the speed of execution at a multi-year maximum, there should be an approach to clearly explain why another device is required. : with a smaller general query, each item must fight for a reduced piece of the entire industry. Indeed, even the most insignificant favorable situation can be a contrast between profit and misfortune: • Clarity: with such a large number of comparable items seeking to find small expenses, each element must clearly and quickly convey its exceptional proposal. The decision of the TechSpecs covers each of the three issues, offering the least demanding approach to the technique of harmonizing the technical characteristics of any item of buyer gadgets on any site in the form of a gadget or connection. He also uses an artificial brain to automatically produce technical specifications for significant online commercial centers. This has undeniable advantages for different uses: • Technology bloggers and YouTube analytics: you can now install or connect to precise technical specifications for trusted products, along with partnerships to win from purchases • Sellers are what they are commercial centers . They can implant or incorporate a connection to specifications to stay away from long forward and back messages with intrigued buyers, saving time and worry. • Internet commerce centers: They can use AI AI TechSpecs to automatically create specifications for all their items of customer equipment, expand transactions and drastically reduce costs. • Gamers: Can check the similarity of reviewers with previously purchased PCs. Technical support. Technical assistance specialists can quickly and easily obtain customer information, reducing time and frustration in timing and disappointment. SALES TOKEN The volume of the token will be estimated in TechSpecs (SPC) token units. The total number of created tokens is limited and exceeded by 100,000,000 SPC. Of these, 70,000,000 SPCs will be available for purchase through the Original Token offer at an ICO cost of $ 2.00 per SPC. Since TechSpecs administrators will be available in SPC tokens, this use of the utility tokens is used to help interests for SPC tokens. This thus allows the organization to increase additional subsidies by issuing any of the 30,000,000 SPCs not offered in the ICO ● The ICO token stock starts on May 1, 2018 and closes on June 5, 2018. • The volume of the token will be assessed in the SPECS token units or SPC • The total number of generated tokens is limited and exceeded by 100,000,000 SPC • Of these, 70,000,000 SPCs will be available for purchase at an initial token price of US $ 2.00 per SPC, TechSpecs beats off making it the world standard for technical specifications, and the largest biological the buyer's system of equipment is all available with SPC tokens.

(ICO) The total token is 100,000,000 SPC. Payment strategies: Digital forms of money: Ethereum, bitcoin, ripples, Litecoin, bitcoin CashFiat: bank transfer, credit or debit card. The cost of the change is 1 SPC = 1.95 dollars The total population pre-seance will begin on February 26 and end on March 31, 2018. The remuneration awarded The ICO transaction will open on May 1 and will be held on June 5, 2018. Tochen awards Tokens purchased with Ethereum among Pre-ICO will be distributed quickly. Tokens purchased with the help of Altkoks will be released by April 15, including rewards for abundance. A technical token - ICO, which gives you the opportunity to take advantage of all technological developments. The specifications are elusive or judiciously methodical, especially from the buyer's side. For online sellers, searching and displaying specifications for each of the hundreds / huge opportunities in the warehouse is a bad dream and huge costs. TechSpecs has created a site with special definitions for the ever-expanding number of elements, an embedded gadget and an Al-driven specification generator. Buyers and vendors can now easily check and contrast specifications for something they need, with purchase, offer, effective requirements or the need for presentation. Since Techspecs can create commercial centers, the Techspecs token has a genuine product that holds a cryptographic monetary estimate. Techspecs manages the ICO to discover the improvement of its product. Those who buy the Techspecs token continue to profit from their development, as the organization generates revenues from its administrations. Individuals who use Techspecs objects will also receive free tokens. Currently, two possible revenue streams are tightened by Techspecs: B2B and B2C administration packs of technical services. (1) fee for the use of innovations and administrations Techspecs (2) Advertising revenue from, which will work to complete the work on the site to study the specifications of the buyer's gadgets and the compatibility with programming / equipment. MAIN ROOMS OF TIME Q3 2017: TechSpecs UX DesignQ4 2017: development of the center Q1 2018: launch of the TechSpecs website; pre-sale SPECS ICO; gadgets for bloggers-innovators; generator interface specifications for e-commerce vendors; a specific connection generator for YouTube analysts; checking PC checks and new classes of subjects Q2 - Q3 2018: launching ICS SPECS; TechSpecs "Find" (an administration that gives you the ability to investigate all leaks and applications that your PC can run); official API for second-hand commercial centers; Analyzer of general tools for management of artificial knowledge; Localization of the TechSpecs platform and onboarding of the main inflow of major clients: Letgo, OfferUp, Kijiji, Mercari, PoshmarkQ4 2018: Expansion of the product class and launch of administration for technical support and diagnostics of the entertainment designer team

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