Such a piece of my friend was a self-made careerand organized by my own work. Music concerts, theater, comedy showHoshika, (private) such of one party of the organization or evenis one. The event industry has continued to exist Nagatomonth. Every year continue to be growth is one of the is industry. Every day, Kanaradai of Shosan a peach to Kinamomono, pacific saury thousands of peach in the world. In order for the event to happen , participate inthe appropriate, naturally theevent of the event . Actually , in some cases, there are also a lot of events that interest me. It is often
On March 1, 2018 , KickCity found a token saw , management innovation countermeasure, and resolved it .
What is KickCity?
KickCity is a distributed event management and marketing blogsheet platform based on Block Chikafen . The idea behind this soup Logicfection is to connect people who are potential event visitors to the broad network of people who are based on Block Chicafine . Are Toka incentives , KickCity is, participants in the Subeteru of events , to Tsumanori advertisers and adopted Mr. me was I participant provides a bonus in the form of KCY token . But I will explain in detail in the back about such a thing
How does it work ?
Event organizers can purchase KCY tokens that use SiouxPlafform and form a marketing blogs pool . If you do not think that person X advertises events , he can get a knee-up link to share on a social network such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp … people If you click on a link, after you have made an event since the user , for example, depending on whether you purchase a ticket , the smart contract records the participation with the orangutan. Ξ of the advertiser or an acquaintance received a KCY token which is like a remuneration or a cash back in KickCity Sue Platform, and I took it for you . The Organizer learns that a lot of people are learning about the events of their own creation , such events are completely booked , and they will be visited for a while .

KCY token:
KCY token is the official currency of KickCity, Kosiem whole .
The related information on tokens is shown below.
Token sales start: 01.03.2018
Token Sales Ended: 03.31.2018
Campaign goal: $ 12.5 million
Total KCY token: 250 million
The purchase price is 160 million KCY, and unsold tokens are discarded
The cost of 1 KCY token is $ 0.1
TH payment is BTC and ETH
Bonuses are 15% for the first day, 10% for the 2–10 days, 5% for the 11–20 days,
It is collected and used as follows:
50% of marketing
30% for development and team
11% of the administration
Open 7%
Kickcity is the road map soup we have set a very clear Fi Nikoniko’ Shrine in communication, load map soup or sputum, we have indicates that they have cited already many achievements team Toka Noriwakke, they already release Mr. Kure in the fourth quarter of 2016 sputum of Android and iOS practical application and the second quarter of the event 2017 of the use of. In addition, he if is already go we have started to block Chica Fern case study of the mound. Currently, token sales will be released food future is start you have me’s . Then, this year’s soup Logis cafe click will continue to Ri door extension. Certainly, we can be watching a detailed road map soup in a minute soon :
The KickCity project does not have a wealth of day experience in the field of persons in the field of information sharing information names for Block Chikafen or developers , but also a very devoted team who has a talent for marketing blogs and designs we are Kke received the support of me in particular, the team is superb example Azusa dynamic or that they have Iteru, promote the soup Logis cafe ECTS, c a photo of you Tankusan. In order to know the details of the team, each team memberinformation details can beaccessed on the web site.
My opinion on Jeff Toronto
I think that the idea of ​​soup Logicafte that I hope behind Soup Logicaka is interesting white as it hits today. I like a similar model, but let’sblock chika fain -CK. KickCity is oneevent that goes through Blockchain that provides a relatively simple and easy-to-understand concept . I am thinking that the success of KickCity Soup Logicfection is very high, thinking about the fact that the event industry will continue to expand in the future as well. In addition, the app already exists, you collected seaweed Kumutan to such me is whether that devote the foundation of the niece, team soup Logis cafe. In any case, I am very interested, the entire etc. yo of the sea urchin onset angel, Make the soup Logis cafe ECTS.
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