The high volatility of cryptomarket allows investors and traders to attract big profits. This draws a steady stream of new "players". As a result, the number of users on the cryptocurrency exchange is always increasing. In addition, new kriptoassets appear regularly. Since the introduction of blockchain, their growth has become exponential. As a result of the increase in trade demand, many cryptocurrency exchanges are not able to handle volume increases, especially at peak times. Others lose their competitiveness due to changing market conditions.

Quifas was founded by Florian Boci he is the CEO of Quifas. Florian is a serial entrepreneur and has over 10 years of experience in the finance and accounting industry. He is currently the CFO of Neveah Limited, an international commodity trading company. With the number of subscribers on the computerized exchange of money continues to increase as well as new crypto assets are on the rise.


Quifas is an imaginative computerized exchange of money, which will remove current market issues. Customers will approach an unusual characteristic interface on stage, and exchange staff will deliver the benefits of successful assistance as for all requests. The greatest reason why Quifas here is Quifas was born to overcome the tremendous difference with different exchanges that can be accessed easily safely and reliably.

Feature Features And Services Of Quifas:

Extraordinary Customer Service.We will try to resolve any issues within 24 hours or less. It has multilingual support and allows us to resolve any issues the user may have.
Scalability Infrastructure.Platforms are designed to be scalable so as to accommodate a remarkable increase in new user registration without having to close the registration.
Ultra Fast Matching Machine.Quifas is built on one of the most advanced technologies and is capable of handling 2.5 Million transactions per second. An order matching machine can make transactions in less than a millisecond..
Upgrade Account Immediately.At this time, most users have to wait for days or weeks to get their account passing verification for an account upgrade. Quifas Exchange will complete account verification within 24 hours or less.
Cross Platform Support.Quifas Exchange supports fully integrated Android or IOS platform. Users can trade directly from their mobile phone easily..
News Update.
Quifas has integrated the news section where users can get the latest news about their favorite tokens. There will also be a chat section where users can share ideas and strategies.

Benefits of Token Holders:

Zero Trade Fee, Token Holders will be able to use Quifas tokens (QFS) to purchase other crypto assets on the Quifas exchange with zero trading costs.
Trade Discount Discounts, holders of QFS tokens shall be entitled to discount on trading costs on the exchange.
List of New Coins, Our exchange is focused on serving the needs of the people, therefore the QFS Token holder will have a statement on which coins are listed on the exchange.

The Quifas Tokens (QFS) — The tokens issued by Quifas Exchange will have a maximum supply of 200 million. The Quifas token is an ERC 20 token issued on the Ethereum Blockchain and will be supported by all Ethereum wallets.

From the overall presentation Token will be 50% for Tokensale participants. 20% for Founders and Team, 15% for reserve funds, 10% Angel Invstors, 5% Bounty and Advisors. the name of the Quifas token is QFS. has a price per token QFS = $ 0.40. total token supply QFS is 200,000,000. If you want to contribute by buying a QFS Token.

The ICO only accepts payments in the form of BTC and ETH. the minimum contribution is 0.1 ETH.Pre ICO will start on March 9, 2018 and will end on March 23, 2018. with a softcap target of $ 300,000 and a Hardcap target of $ 3,000,000.

As for ICO will start on 6 April 2018 and will end on 7 May 2018 Softcap target that will be achieved is $ 3,000,000 and Hardcap target of $ 35,000,000.

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