Hy everyone in today's post I will discuss about a project called "Quifas", surely you ask what is quifas, let me tell you quifas is a flatform (service) that provides an exchange cryptocurrency is very innovative and ultra fast, and built for the people.
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As a result of increased demand for mercantilism, some cryptocurrency exchanges do not seem to be capable of handling increased volumes, especially at peak times. Other area units lose their competitiveness near mild market adjustment conditions.
The high volatility of cryptomarket allows investors and traders to withdraw monumental profits. It attracted a steady stream of "players" recently. As a result, the number of users on cryptocurrency exchange is
always increasing. In addition, new kriptoasset area units are up daily. Since the introduction of blockchain, their growth has become exponential.

What is Quifas?
Quifas is an innovative secure cryptocurrency exchange built for the community. It's user friendly, highly scalable, very fast and offers exceptional customer service.

Recommended Quifas
Ultra Fast Matching Machine

Quifas is built on one of the most advanced technologies and is capable of handling 2.5 Million transactions per second. An order matching machine can make transactions in less than a millisecond.

Cross Platform Support

Quifas Exchange supports fully integrated Android or IOS platform. Users can trade directly from their mobile phone easily.

Exceptional Customer Service

We will try to resolve any issues within 24 hours or less. It has multilingual support and allows us to resolve any issues the user may have.

News section

Quifas has integrated the news section where users can get the latest news about their favorite tokens. There will also be a chat section where users can share ideas and strategies.

Infrastructure Scalability

Platforms are designed to be scalable so as to accommodate a remarkable increase in new user registration without having to close the registration.

Upgrading Accounts Very Fast

At this time, most users have to wait for days or weeks to get their account passing verification for an account upgrade. Quifas Exchange will complete account verification within 24 hours or less.

Quifas Tokensale

Peron: Ethereum (Token ERC-20)

Start token sale: March 9th

Soft cap: 3 000 000 USD

Token issued: 200 000 000 QFS tokens

Hard hats 35 000 000 USD

Basic Price of 1 token QFS: 0.40 USD

Payment method: BTC and ETH

Minimum contribution: 0.1 ETH

Collected Fund Distribution

Liquidity Fund -20%

20% of funds generated during the sale of tokens will be recorded as contingent and other unforeseen or unexpected costs that may arise. target, simultaneous purchase order, stop loss and take profit, market news section.

Marketing, PR and Branding -30%

30% of the funds generated during the sale of tokens will be used for public relations and branding market marketing. This will help in the acquisition of new customers, customer retention.

Law -10%

10% of funds generated during the sale of tokens will be held to obtain ongoing legal advice.

Platform Platform Quifas -40%

40% of funds generated during token sales will be used for the development of quifas exchange platform. This will allow us to build a world-class, scalable and highly secure platform with a friendly user interface that will support multi platform platforms like Web, iOS, Android on PCs, Macs, Tablets and Smartphones while offering unique features like stop trail, following profit targets , enters along with buy orders, stop loss and take profit, market news section.


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