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Aeternum is the only ICO Mobilizing Platform based on Intellectual Knowledge and Intellectual Property.

Our goal is to create a platform, through which every individual will be able to invest in intellectual property rights of scientists around the world. This platform will be open to anyone owning Aeternum Token not just a select group of investors and no contribution will be too small to reap the return from deep science project realization.

The Real Challenges Today Most crypto currencies are not designed to be supported by real-world assets and are driven by markets that often produce drops. Barriers exist that make the general public start investing in science and intellectual property. Many talented scientists have no space and funds for the development of their ideas.

Therefore we are here to create a Platform for the First World Science which is driven by ICO and we handle the Challenges as follows:

The new crypto currency supported by science beginners who work and their intellectual property in turn generate a constant rise in demand for the currency and therefore increase its value.

Aeterum Fund
Make an investment in this project open to everyone who owns the Aeternum Token. Investments will be made exclusively through BitLats.

Aeternum Finance App
Create a financial application and use BitLats as the core exchange mechanism within a smart city.

Smart City
Create a physical ecosystem for the development of these projects. The exchange of service items within Smart City will be done with BitLats.

Why invest in this project?

Aeternum Token

Tradable and Liquid
Having Aeternum token (ALF) on an exchange with the
backing from market-ready projects will ensure that the value of the ALF token will increase.

Entry Ticket
To participate in the Smart City or Aeternum Fund one will have to acquire Aeternum Token thus driving demand for the token and increasing future token value.

Priority Access
Having an Aeternum Token will guarantee you priority information about the projects we support.be from the Smart City.

Backed by Market Ready Science Projects
Most of the ICOs are driven by non-tested ideas. However, Aeternum Fund will invest in market-ready projects, some of which already have proven market demand.

Value Grows as Profit is Reinvested
25% of return generated by Aeternum Fund will be
reinvested in turn generating greater return in future.

Smart City
We will build a smart city to help the science projects
reach fruition. Part of returns generated by Aeternum
Fund will be from the Smart City.

Market-ready Science Projects in our Fund


Eventech is a “spin-off” from the Institute of Electronics and Computer Science of Latvia (IECS) with a team of 7 professionals operating in Riga, Latvia.

Eventech’s core competency lies in repeatable, extremely accurate and environmentally resistant signal processing and interpretation via Analogue to Digital Conversion (ADC). On the ground, Eventech is holding >50% of the SLR market and are recognized by NASA as a standard for this application.


Focused on the development of rapid microbiological diagnostic tests for food and drink industry companies.

Today, for compulsory microbiological safety tests - every food or beverage producer is still using traditional plating methods (Petri dishes), which takes from 24 hours to 5 days.

Diagnostic products, based on our protected innovative technology (EloKIT™ technology by Conelum) is proven to reduce this time to a total of 30 minutes without any compromise on the results in comparison to conventional methods.

Vortex Oil

The production capacity of oil fields drops as hydrocarbon extraction progresses. The output of wells becomes so small as to make operations unprofitable. As a result, oil wells are abandoned with large oil volumes (e.g., up to 65%) left in the producing reservoir.

Our solution extensively improves water flooding technology and can boost oil extraction volume up to 40%.

Why Buy Now?
Only investors that buy ALF tokens until the end of ICO round 1 will receive extra
BitLats via Air Drop as a bonus (every 1 ALF will grant you 1 BitLats)

Aeterum Token Info

Token function - Utility token
Token symbol - ALF
Tokens created - 300 million tokens
Sale volume - 270 million tokens
Price of the token - 1 ALF = 1 EUR
Payment methods - Crypto
Soft cap - 1 000 000 EUR
Hard cap - 300 000 000 EUR
Distribution of tokens - 90% Crowdsale and 10% Reserve tokens held.
Private round - 01.01.2018. - 02.04.2018.
Pre ICO - 02.04.2018. - 30.04.2018.
ICO round 1 - 01.06.2018. - 30.06.2018.
ICO round 2 - 01.10.2018. - 31.10.2018

Usage of Aeterum Tokens

Receive ROI
50% of the profit generated by the Aeternum Fund will be used to mine a new Crypto Currency (BitLats) that in turn will be delivered via air-drop to ALF holders.

Sell on Exchange
ALF will be traded on an exchange, therefore, you will always have the option to sell your ALF token.

Use ALF to participate in Smart City
Aeternum Token holders will be able to access the possibilities created by the Smart City and/or purchase goods or services produced by the Smart City members.

Details about the method and legal framework for dividend payout will be provided after personal rounds.


2016 November
Idea to create new ecosystem: Aeternum

2016 December
Beginning of work: team building, market analysis and political consultations about support of project

2017 January
Development of detailed plan

2017 February
Core partners search, agreements preparations

2017 June
Start to create Aeternum program, agreement with Commercialization reactor

2017 May
Structuring ICO campaign team

2017 April
Decision to attract financing via ICO

2017 March
Financial and functional model of the ecosystem

2017 November
Aeternum program is ready. Agreement with China IIC for cooperation

2017 December
Beginning of ICO private round

2018 January
Agreement with Latvian port city Ventspils special economic zone about cooperation.

2018 Q1
Dev starts of Aeternum Fund platform
Dev starts of Aeternum Finance app
Dev starts of BitLats coin

2019 Q1
Start Aeternum Smart city development

2018 Q4
Aeternum Finance crypto card ready. Be fully independent from the Banks.
2018 Q3
Alfa version of Aeternum Finance App ready. Start controlling Your crypto and fiat finances Globally.

2018 Q2
Start investing in deep science startups. BitLats ready for Aeternum users only.

2019 Q1 / Q2
Basic income concept launched between Aeternum bakers

2019 Q4
Aeternum bakers start using Smart city goods and services
... we will keep working on new goals and bring results for our supporters.

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