DomusCoins (DOCs) is the cryptocurrency whose issue value is guaranteed by real estate properties.

Dubai, New York, London
DomusCoins starts from one of the greatest crossroads in the world: Dubai is the gateway to the Middle East, Africa and the East. Here we collaborate with some of the most important real estate initiatives.

Emission after emission, we will move to other capitals of the world and to the most beautiful and exclusive vacation spots because DomusCoins allows you to gain another real advantage: the possibility of using DomusCoins for your holidays in the real estate properties that guarantee the emissions.

Quick Facts
Coin: DOC (DOCs for plural)
ICO Price: 1 USD = 1 DOC
ERC20: token on ETH
ICO guaranteed: tokens are issued only if there is a real estate value
backing them
Tokens are immediately spendable for stays and holidays
in any apartment in the DomusCoins network
ICO is 10 million tokens = 10 million usd
= 10 million usd in properties
Total supply: 1 billion. Unsold tokens might be issued in the future if and only if new properties will be added (so there is no inflation)
DomusCoins holders will receive DOCs semi-annually based on the real estate revenues generated
DomusCoins can be purchased by bank transfer, paypal, btc/eth/ltc/xmr
Board members get: 11% of the amount really sold! (not in advance)
Profit from DOCs appreciation
You can decide to resell your DomusCoins on the market to make a profit whenever you want

Profit from rentals and sales
Profits come from the appreciation of real estate properties and their revenues (purchases, sales and rental).

Dream vacations
You can use your DomusCoins to stay in any real estate property of the network for the period of stay or vacation that you will choose.

NOVEMBER 20TH 2017 is online.
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Pre-ICO launch.
We start collecting funds in Bitcoins, Ethereum and LiteCoins. Offers available.

MARCH 1ST 2018

ICO launch. We are going to accept USD and EUR transfers as well as BTC, ETH and LTC at an exchange rate of 1 USD = 1 DOCS. we plan to emit 10,000,000 DOCS.

MAY 2018

Emission of new DOCs
which will be guaranteed by
properties in growing
real estate markets.
Exchange rate will be
set at the market value.