Won’t you play that game by which you can earn real money just by using your intelligence? This is actually a great chance for all those gamers who love to play such kinds of games. By this, they can get something big as a reward. This point excites the players that why today, most of the game developers use to take the help of the IQEON to build the gaming platform for the users. It is even beneficial for the players who look for a right platform where they can use their intelligence, and in return, they get something best. Maybe you are not familiar with the IQEON that’s why you will get a little bit surprised too that you can even make money through the achievements in the game.

IQEO- understands what it is first and then what it does?

Basically, it’s a platform or PvP gaming platform that enables players to earn digital or real money by making achievements in the game. Its name is not given by chances; in fact, it is the combination of the two different concepts. First part consist the ‘IQ’ which stands as Intelligence Quotients moreover, it’s another part is ‘Eon’ it is a concept which based on the ancient Greek philosophy. It means eternity or epoch. Combine these two concepts form a vision project which says that in this modern innovation era it is actually the human whose intelligence works as an engine to guide the progress in the upcoming working.

Moving further on this IQEON, it is one of the very first platforms for the gamers who offer money just because of the use of the intelligence and making achievements in the games. This actually works only for those sites are connected to this innovation. This is all get done by the internal currency use which is there in the IQEON ecosystem. The users can easily convert this cryptographic currency at any time. The IQEON tokens use to issue the IQN tokens which based on the Ethereum block strings. This token can easily be used in the existing transferred to money or crypto money exchange.

How far in the online games approx 97% of the players don’t have the right ability to monetize their games achievements correctly. Beside this the remaining attempts their monetization by many ways:

• Specialized and auction services
• Direct agreements which are made between the players of the games
• Thematic forums
• Illegal exchanges

Some of the players don’t get success in their attempt because of the developer of the game or the blocking of the chain stop players doing so.

If you think that there are many other solutions were also there in the market that allow the PvP competitions. Then let us tell you that no other solution is available there in the market. It offers numbers of winning options to the players why players can utilize in the making of money in the game. Beside this, there are some of the apps also connected with this site that get benefits when players use to buy the in-app there.

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