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With the explosion in mobile devices and usable devices, the amount of data captured and consequently the reported data has grown exponentially over the past few years. As connectivity becomes wider and stronger, the intelligence and experience that become possible from such connectivity will give the next wave of innovation in computing for years to come.

Introducing dent.

DENT is the currency and exchange power of DENT. Actual sales, purchases, and donations of mobile data packets are handled by the Ethereal blocks. The data plan is a smart contract in Ethereum. DENT exchange will encourage smart contracts, which effectively create a blockchain based trading platform system. As the exchange becomes the de facto standard for mobile data packet trading, it will also be the primary method for determining floating mobile data rates worldwide. Telco and end users will interact in the right way driven by the market to determine the current price. This leads to increased transparency, increased competition, and better utilization.

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DENT Mobile App on Android and iOS will contain the User's wallet for DENT Tokens and it also has an easy-to use user Interface for buying, selling and donating data packages to other users.

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"Ethereum Blockchain is giving us a robust transaction platform as a foundation for the DENT Exchange. FOREX principles are known to every trader in the world, and with our easy-to-use apps normal mobile users will find the data package they need easily" says Tero Katajainen, CEO and Founder of DENT Wireless LTD.

Three Disruption Megatrends on Mobile Operator Business that DENT is addressing.

  • Liberation of Mobile Data.
    The DENT Token will be the world-wide currency for Mobile Data between Telcos and the user community. DENT enables a “Data Sharing Economy” where users are able to freely buy, sell and donate their mobile data, from any user to any user.
  • Disruption of international Roaming.
    DENT facilitates the removal of data roaming cost drivers, such as expensive routings between Telcos.
  • Automated mobile data purchase for the best price.
    DENT enables automated purchase capability of data packages for consumers and iOT devices. The user always gets the best price from the most suitable operator in his region, without having to worry about buying too much or too little data.

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Exchange Rate: 1ETH = 400,000 DENT*

Token Type: Apps token to purchase and sell mobile data packages

  • 30% of DENT tokens remain at the Company for telco acquisition and market seeding, user incentives, salaries and bonuses. Should not all offered tokens be sold in the Token Sale, the non sold tokens remain in the company.

  • Any Tokens that remain unsold at the crowdsale end date (26 July 2017), will be added to the Company Inventory and will remain in a locked state for at least six months from the crowdsale end date. 25% of the total amount of the unsold tokens will be released from the lock up quarterly, first time at the date of 6 months after the crowdsale end date.

Bonus Tiers: DENT bonus tiers allocate bonus tokens to buyers as per the following schedule
based on sold volume in ETH:

  • Tier 1: Up to 45,000 ETH: 10% tokens as a bonus

  • Tier 2: From 45000 ETH and up to 90,000 ETH: 5% tokens as a bonus

  • Tier 3: From 90,000 ETH: No bonus Tokens
    No minimum ETH amount

Ethereum ERC20 token

ETH is accepted in this token sale.
No tokens will ever be added to the supply.

  • The conversion rate ETH/ DENT will change during the crowdsale due to the bonus discounts.
    This price is without any discounts

Note: the DENT tokens will be claimable to your wallet approx. 3 weeks after the Token Sale has ended on 26 July. We will inform you about the time schedule during the Token Sale.

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