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What is the BETEX platform?

Betex is a leading-edge platform for P2P financial derivatives trading. It enables users to place bets on future rate changes against each other. As a platform provider, we cannot engage in betting. Thus, there is no way for us to benefit from it. We only profit from collecting service fees.

What are the differences between traditional binary options sites and Betex?

The traditional binary options websites have such a model, within which traders bet against the broker. Thereby, the trader’s loss is the broker’s gain. Brokers operate separately and are not connected with each other in any way. Trader’s reward is fixed and known in advance, in case of the win. The whole trading process is carried out in the broker’s backend, hence, it is not transparent or provably fair. Strike rate and outcome rate are provided by the liquidity provider without any transparency. Finally, to start trading it is required to make a deposit, then wait for withdrawal.

Betex model fixes the disadvantages of the traditional binary options platforms. Thus, within Betex model, traders bet against each other (P2P), brokers receive commission and platform make profit from service fees. Brokers operate with the same trading pairs in the common liquidity pool. Rewards for traders depend on the overall state of the common pool of liquidity. Half of the commission income of the platform is distributed among the BETEX tokens holders.

Trading process is carried out with ERC-20 SBT token. Records are available in Ethereum blockchain. Strike and outcome rates are provided by public sources, given the weight of source that depends on trade volume. No deposits are needed and the payouts are instant and automatic.

What are the Benefits of BETEX

Both the platform and brokers can always prove authenticity and accuracy of the results. In the worst case scenario, if a mistake is made, it will be admitted or justified. Hence, it is no longer needed to trust each other to be sure terms are fair.

Trading is realized with ERC-20 tokens of stable value. It is stored and presented in the Ethereum blockchain, making it possible to audit the platform operations in real time, or later. Open access to data prevents intermediaries from altering results;

50% of the platform's profit made from commission is distributed among BETEX token holders. 40% goes to brokers.

How can Betex Be Profitable?

Being transparent and provably fair, Betex is creating a win-win solution for traders and brokers. Traders can constantly earn by correctly indicating the short- or medium-term trend in the price change of the asset. The size of the trader’s reward is limited only by the volume of the general pool of rates and the ratio of the number of bets to each of the outcomes.

Brokers receive a 2% commission of the total amount of their users’ bets. The larger the turnover, the more earnings a broker gets. Thereby, the white label mechanism provided by Betex allows to quickly set up the platform under their own name, as well as get technical support.

The last but not least, investors in Betex can also profit from the exchange through participation in its ICO.

Betex Token Sale Details

To raise funds for the platform’s development and promotion, Betex is holding an ICO campaign and selling BETEX tokens. 2.5% of the platform’s turnover will be distributed among the BETEX tokens holders, according to their investments.

Betex pre-sale is held in 2 rounds, one of which is already live. Tokens will be issued in accordance with SAFT agreement after the pre-sale, once they are generated and registered. The details of the pre-sale can be viewed below:

Start of pre-sale round 1:

04.12.17 at 14:00 GMT

End of pre-sale round 1:

08.01.18 at 14:00 GMT or 500,000 of BETEX tokens are sold out

Pre-sale round 1 BETEX token price:

$2.00 Max amount of tokens to be sold: 500,000 out of 10,000,000 (5%)

Pre-sale round 1 hard cap:

$ 1,000,000

Min purchase amount:

15,000 BETEX

Start of pre-sale round 2:

10.01.18 at 14:00 GMT

End of pre-sale round 2:

31.01.18 at 14:00 GMT or 1,500,000 of BETEX tokens are sold out

Pre-sale round 2 BETEX token price:


Max amount of tokens to be sold:

1,500,000 out of 10,000,000 (15%)

Pre-sale round 2 hard cap:

$ 3,750,000

Min purchase amount:

5,000 BETEX

PLEASE NOTE : Only qualified investors who have completed the KYC/AML process will have access to the Betex Token pre-sale. The timeframes and conditions of the general token sale will be announced later.