Sphere Decentralized Social Media.

We are already living in the technological future we have been eagerly awaiting. So many technological advancements have been made especially in making the world a global village. Social media has reduced the world to just a few clicks away. Worldwide communication and commerce have been made simple by the links created through social media. Social Media has allowed advertisers to create awareness about their products worldwide. These product advertisements are usually fine-tuned to target individual needs based on data collected on them. it is great knowing that your online interactions determine what type of products will be advertised to you but what does this mean for your privacy? Are you able to control your online presence? Does your social media sell your information to advertisers? How much is your information worth?

Enter Sphere Decentralized Social Media. Born in the United Kingdom, Sphere is company that aims to remove the choke on web infrastructure that allows huge corporations to control the flow of social media data. Sphere wants to secure you data and assure you safety of information you place online. Your data is valuable to advertisers and most corporations target profit making over anything hence selling your data to make a few extra coins is a no brainer. Sphere seeks to design a platform where social media is peer to peer controlled. they give you the power to decide who gets to see your information and determine the value of the information. The endless billions spent in advertising made by corporations will trickle down to the owner of the information using this decentralized system.

Sphere will ensure that you have a say in flow of your online data and if any sale of your data is to be made, you will be in control, aware of the transaction and duly compensated for sale of your data. Sphere will also allow its users to advertise their products and sell them across the platform.

How will this affect advertising? Sphere makes advertising tailor made for both the producer and consumer as the data you willingly give out will be sold to companies that produce products you are interested in. this will save both parties as the target audience will be the only ones reached thus saving money for the company and unnecessary advertisements for unwilling consumers. The huge save on investment in advertising will benefit both the company and the consumer.

Trading done within sphere has security and safety as its top priority. Use of SAT (Social Activity Token) assures safety of each transaction and offers a great investment opportunity. SAT is a cryptocurrency designed specifically for sphere. Its usage is safe and transparent.

Sphere is offering an ICO (Initial Coin Offer) on SAT with 65%of the SAT offered for the public. 8% will be offered as bounty to investors while 1% will be reserved for advisors plus the managers. The remaining 26% will be used for network growth (17%) and growth of the company (9%). The SAT are to be sold in two periods, the preITO period and the ITO period. During the preITO period, which lasts up to 2/12/2018, 1USD will get you 20 SAT. The ITO starts from Feb 12th, 2018 to April 9th 2018 and will offer numerous deals on SAT depending on the number of SAT requested.

Technological advancements have completely changed the game in investments and Sphere is capitalizing on this. Traditional investments have no sure returns but investing in sphere is investing in the present and in the future as the world surges technologically forward. To learn more about Sphere and its team of brilliant creators and advisors

visit https://sphere.social/

To directly invest in Sphere, https://sphere.social/presale

Story by Rhinoboy11
Telegram: @rhinoboy11
Twitter: @sammygye