In many cases, you can’t see the difference between refurbished and new electronics. Well, it is because basically refurbished electronics are the brand new electronics. But they’ve technically been used before by the customers.The refurbishment program is not a new thing. But the refurbishment program which sells consumer electronics worldwide, in the right channel, is pioneered by GES.
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What is Galaxy eSolutions (GES)?
Galaxy esolutions is a worldwide go border e-commerce commercial enterprise platform set to come to be a marketplace leader in the pre-owned and refurbished purchaser electronics quarter. We attention on international markets. E-commerce worldwide for refurbished and pre-owned smartphones and other client electronics, with markets for purchasing and buying and selling goods. Galaxy esolutions is also referred to as an international e-commerce ecosystem with the fast increase and actual traction.
Galaxy eSolutions aims to create a "green" global marketplace for refurbished smartphones, pre-owned and other customer electronics. The corporation fixes and cleans client electronics pre-owned, then sells the electronics at discounted rates online.
Galaxy eSolutions Limited is a global eCommerce ecosystem with fast growth and tangible appeal, achieving sales of 20 million USD in its first year of operation. His vision is to integrate the block and evolve into a hybrid ecosystem with a market platform, so as to solve some pain points in the preowned and refurbished multi-billion electronics industry.
How it works
GES operates as an open source ecosystem, incorporating hybrid P2P blocking to the telephone trading site — MobileFreak — under development for this special integration. It will work as C2B and B2B, where individual consumers and businesses can trade with other businesses. The blockchain platform here will be used to record item details to authenticate them, logistics for easy tracking of shipment and delivery, and secure transactions. It will also help reduce supply chain inefficiencies, and help the supplier’s confidence and credibility issues.
How is GES different?
We combine the Blockchain platform into one of our MobileFreak markets, where consumers and businesses can trade - on their phones with other businesses. This will be a model and a direct P2P type ecosystem. Blockchain technology will also help to easily and quickly record details of goods, transactions, and logistics on both sides. This can overcome the issues of trust and credibility between the two parties, such as supplier quality, product ratings and quality standards, Mobile serial number to ensure genuine and non-counterfeit goods or stolen goods, and payment of goods and services.
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Offering GES TokensToken symbol: GESTotal Supply: 300M GESPrice: 1ETH: 10,000 GES, (0.0001 ETH per token)Minimum Purchases: 1. ETHHardcap: 20,000 ETHToken Usage: Tokens can be used in ecosystems for services and products.
The user token receives a 5% token-back gift for purchases at the end of each month.Special Note on GES Tokens: Market Buy Back: A quarterly profit of 20% is used for quarterly repurchases with 50% burn.Token Value Protection: Galaxy eSolutions to buy back gradually as long as the market price falls below the list price.Schedule of OfferICO: February 28, 2018, to March 31, 2018
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Structure of ICO Bonus:
0.1 to 49 ETH = 20% bonus
50 to 99 ETH bonus = 25%
100 to 249 bonus ETH = 30%
250 to 499 bonus ETH = 35%
500 to 999 bonus ETH = 40%
1000 to 2499 bonus ETH = 45%
2500 ETH and above bonus = 50%

Added bonus: if you contribute to Galaxy ESolutions and ICO Sharder, you will receive a 5% token bonus on your contribution from both parties.Please note that the numbers for bonuses will be rounded down.

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