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The goals and objectives of this platform
Project history and plan
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Conditions of participation in ICO

A new social network of the next generation appears before our eyes. Sphere, is based on the idea of ​​confidentiality, transparency and data security.
But let’s talk a little about advertising … We all know that advertising is the engine of progress and even if your product is very worthy, then without a proper promotion it is impossible to achieve a good number of sales. It is social networks that use the data of their users who trust them, for the sale of goods. It brings a crazy profit to the owner of social networks and advertisers, but not to users … But now thanks to Sphere everything will be radically different, so it’s a completely decentralized social network where all your activity data, personal information, search results are securely protected and no one can use them without your consent.
The Sphere platform is a new decentralized revolution in the social life of people. What is most interesting is that every user of this social network will be rewarded. And while each user of this social network will be rewarded. Doing each click, viewing the advertisement, you will earn! And now all our personal information, the entire search history will be safe, doing every click, viewing ads and so on, you will also earn! And if we want to share it with the advertiser, then they will have to pay. Thanks to this platform, users have an impact on what is happening. The biggest plus is that investors are investing their money not just in a beautiful idea, but in an existing product that is on Google Play and the beta version of the iOS application.

Aims and objectives of the platform
Social networks in which you are online are active or even simply present — this is an industry in billions of dollars, which many companies trust and also most people to protect their privacy. Do not you think that you should be entitled to some of the wealth? It was the Sphere platform that appeared for this!
Traditional technology companies have created an image of friendly and affectionate corporations, while simply wanting to provide a valuable service to people for no other reason than altruism. However, every new day there is a new promotion of a new function, a new device, a brand .. And now the question. How is this possible for companies that do not impose a single penny to use their services ??
Therefore, these companies use your data as a bargaining chip and sell you, while going to the highest position to finance their activities. And with every click we continue to invest more and more money in their pockets!
Platform Sphere is positioned the opposite idea, as a system where users can earn from one or another of their labor or even just presence! This is the global furor, in which there is confidentiality, transparency and data security!
The developers of Sphere are going to return you control over your data and give you power!

The advantages are enormous! Let’s analyze them..
Now you will receive a reward for any action
You have the opportunity to be the first source of something new
All data is in confidentiality and you need to pay to see the data to the advertiser.
The product is already working and you can download it!
1)Development has a strategic plan that puts our users and tokens in the first place.
2)There is also an isolated environment of the cloud server, which is protected by the latest security system.
3)The user-friendly interface and excellent user support are already implemented in our ecosystem. The main task is to form a scalability system!

  1. The Sphere platform offers anonymous transactions around the world and does not require verification of identity data. What is the benefit for companies to use this platform?
    It’s simple, they in turn, thanks to this unique ecosystem, get the desired audience, while reducing the cost of marketing .. And for them this is a real plus! Therefore, right now you can be a part of what is new and special and for the first time be present at the birth of a new crypto currency that will give power and profit to users, not corporations!

History and development plan
2016 — the beginning of the development of Sphere. Development starts with iOS and Android applications
Q1 2017 — preparation for ICO
Q2 2017 — development of other applications
Q3 2017 — active marketing ICO
Q4 2017 — the beginning of the pre-sale ICO
Q1 2018 — ICO Crowdsale. Internal security update and integration
Q2 2018 — Ad Platform. SAT can be used to purchase and sell advertising space
Q3 2018 — Organization of a trading platform. The first implementation on the Sphere Marketplace for enterprises and users.
Q4 2018 — Fully ready, active and decentralized network

A team of leading developers and advisers:

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Conditions of participation in ICO:

SAT Token
All transactions within the platform will be carried out by SAT tokens. The more users will use the social network Sphere, the higher the value of tokens will increase. The goods will be bought and sold for this crypto currency.
The SAT Token is based on the ERC-20 standard
Storage Method: MyEtherWallet.com
Emission: 1 million SAT
The price of one token at the time of the ICO will be $ 0.14

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